How to make up eyes if eyelids hang

Using modern cosmetics, getting rid of the traces of aging is very simple. With its help, you can correct the situation when eyelids hang, which is quite common. It should be noted that this problem is relevant not only for middle-aged women, but also for young people. It can be connected with stress, fatigue or with bad ecology. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to paint hanging eyelids.

Makeup for the impending eyelids

To begin with, slightly raise your eyebrows, and then visually lengthen, using a special pencil. But first things first.

We prepare the mirror in advance (preferably with an increasing property), a cleanser and a pencil (it needs to be sharpened and placed in the refrigerator for an hour). The procedure should be in a well-lit place. We wipe the "workplace" on the face with a cleaning agent applied to the cotton wool. So remove the particles from the surface of the skin, which are not visible. Using a pencil, the eyebrow line is indicated. Due to the fact that it is well sharpened and cooled, the borders will be clear, bright and beautiful.

Now under the eyebrows you need to apply light shadows or highlighter. Many confuse the latter with a concealer, but this is not so. It does not hide the flaws of the skin, but gives it an additional radiant effect, which visually freshens the image. Now you can go directly to applying the shadows to your eyelids. The inner corner of the eyes should be an order of magnitude lighter than the outer one. In this case, it is quite possible to go beyond the corner of the eye from the outside, in the direction of the temples in this place the shadows need to be well shaded.

Bring your eyes behind a black pencil. The line should begin in the middle of the century and gradually expand to the outer edge. It is necessary to use a pencil, not pencil. It is contraindicated when eyelids hang, this deficiency will only become more pronounced.

Now comes the time to apply mascara. It is not recommended to stain the lower eyelashes, only the upper hairs should become more expressive.

Nuances of makeup

Shadows and a pencil should be applied above the line of the eyelashes. At the same time, the latter at the outer corner of the eye is not bad to curl a little. Shadows use matte, although mother-of-pearl remains not under prohibition, it all depends on the situation.

If the eyelids hang, you may need to adjust the shape of the eyebrows. They will need to be slightly raised, plucking excess hairs from below, and using a pencil line a little longer. In the end, the eyebrows should give a slightly surprised look. It is also recommended to get rid of excess density, which will not allow creating an elegant and gentle image. Correctly corrected eyebrows visually increase the incision of the eyes.

Secrets of specialists

Experts recommend to follow certain rules when creating makeup, if eyelids hang, which are not always characteristic for other cases. When applying the shadows, you should always open your eyes and look at how makeup looks. Otherwise, even with an ideal make-up with a good shading, the effect may not be the same as we would like, so all the created nuances will be hidden by the impending age.

You should practice at home to create a new image, using the lessons of make-up for the impending age. Trying different colors and shades, you can achieve completely different images. Those who are in love can even be photographed in order to repeat, if necessary. In general, experiments and once again experiments.

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