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Design of the bath. Interesting ideas and projects

Bath is a wonderful place, which allows not only to relax and forget about all worries and anxieties, but also to improve your health. If it is technologically correct, then you will notice a positive change in the state of health after several visits. However, to stay in it brought you not only health, but also pleasure, you need to carefully think out the design of the bath both external and internal.

Designing a building

Initially, analyze the design of the site. The house and the bathhouse should form a single ensemble, so as not to cause feelings of bad taste. Your building should fit perfectly into the architectural concept.

In addition, ensure that the bath organically merges with the natural forms of the terrain. To do this, consider the features of the surrounding area and the landscape of the site.

The exterior design of the bath is not limited either in the color palette, or in the choice of materials for plating. You can leave the building wooden if there is a frame on the site. Not bad looking bath, trimmed with tiles or stone. Choose the material that fully corresponds to the design of the cottage.

And now let's consider several options that allow you to think over the internal design of the bath.

Russian traditions

This option is suitable for those owners who built a wooden frame on the site. In this case, the design of the bath house looks harmonious. They fit well into the overall exterior.

Recreating the design of a Russian bath is not difficult. It does not require an impressive cost and is easily handled. Bathhouse, equipped in national Russian traditions, always looks beautiful and cozy.

The main features of the style are:

  • Wooden walls (the surface does not require additional decorations in the finish);
  • Russian stove (it can simply be plastered and whitewashed or tiled with tiles);
  • Plank floor;
  • Wooden benches (slightly rough);
  • table.

To decorate such an interior, they usually use:

  • Embroidered tablecloth;
  • Bath brooms (they can decorate the walls);
  • Wicker paths decorating benches;
  • Large samovar;
  • Old buffet;
  • Ladle (saved from past times).

Country Style

It is great for a wooden bath. This direction, which implies a rustic interior without any frills and magnificent splendor.

If you compare country with the above-described Russian style, you can see that they are quite similar. However, there are differences in them. Country will bring to the interior the national flavor of other countries.

The design of the room in the bath, executed in this style, implies the presence of:

  1. Wooden furniture. As a rule, objects of light tones are used. The furniture must be aged or varnished. For the country style, objects decorated with light carving and polishing are characteristic. As a result, they look smoother than the furniture used in the Russian style.
  2. Bright dishes. In such a simple interior, it becomes a real highlight. Wooden, ceramic utensils are appropriate. Cups adorned with rural landscapes look great. The interior is brightly colored with light yellow plates or dishes, aged in a white and blue color scheme.
  3. Natural fabrics. It is recommended to use linen, cotton. Materials should be a motley color.
  4. Beams on the ceiling.
  5. Ceramic tiles on the floor.
  6. Walls made of logs, beams.

Eastern traditions

This style is based on the use of:

  • Special furniture;
  • Exotic design items;
  • Luxuriant textiles;
  • Bright colors.

If you do not touch the peculiarities of bathing procedures, the main difference between the hammam and the traditional bathhouse is concluded in the decoration. Mosaic is the main decor used in the first case. And in the second, as mentioned above, a tree is used.

Of course, this design will cost much more. But the appearance of the bath will become original and festive.

Oriental elements are used for premises with a pool, a shower. Here, oriental ornaments and mottled mosaics will be most appropriate.

In addition, the rest room in the bathhouse, executed in the oriental traditions, will look great. Design can be designed as a full hookah. To do this, hang bright curtains. Place a small table that has curved legs. On the floor, place the colored pillows. This is an excellent variant of how to inexpensively, stylishly and brightly decorate the room for rest and relaxation.

Scandinavian style

This direction implies naturalness, simplicity. That is why the design of the bath, made in the Scandinavian style, looks very cozy and beautiful.

Experts say that this direction is the forerunner of the well-known ecostyle today. Scandinavian design combines roughness and simplicity of country, strict lines and proportions of classics, modern technological materials and natural wood. The style is perfectly suited for the arrangement of both a wooden bathhouse and a brick building.

The main principles of design should be:

  • functionality;
  • Brevity;
  • Bright color palette;
  • Simplicity of furnish.

By arranging the interior, it is important not to overload the room with various details. However, you need to create a couple of bright accent points. It can be a wall lamp with an expressive red lampshade or a beautiful picture.

A Scandinavian style can use a lot of natural wood. However, when preparing a bath, do not forget that this direction is more urban than, say, country. In addition, it is characterized by its versatility, which allows combining wood with any modern materials.

Japanese bath

If you want to design your building in this style, then initially read some of the subtleties. In the Japanese bath there is absolutely no steam room. Do not be surprised. It is replaced by a furako - barrel, which contains hot water, and ofuro - a rectangular container with aromatized hot (60 degrees) sawdust or pebbles.

If you are not determined to give up the steam room, then in the Japanese style only a rest room in the bathhouse can be made out.

The design perfectly underlines such elements:

  • tatami;
  • Japanese fan decorating the wall;
  • Bamboo screens;
  • A low table near which pads are scattered;
  • Cherry tree branch, painted on the wall.

Modern classic

In this direction a large, spacious bath is made out. The design inside assumes the presence of such classical elements:

  • Multi-level ceilings;
  • Columns performing the function of space separator;
  • Arches;
  • Stucco molding.

However, do not turn the dressing room into a real antique hall. To give the room a classical direction, it is enough to make doorways in the form of an arch, decorate the ceiling cornices with polyurethane moldings, and lay the floor with matt tiles.

Effectively emphasize the direction of furniture, which has straight, strict lines.

Art Nouveau style

This direction is rarely used to decorate a bath. After all, modernism is the complete opposite of Russian style. Therefore, your interior will be far from the design of the traditional bath. But it is in this and hidden zest of style.

Modern - a modern interior, suggesting:

  • Deviation from direct, strict forms in favor of abstract;
  • Floral ornaments and large drawings of flowers;
  • Originally curved lines of decorative elements;
  • Bright, juicy colors.

If you are willing to experiment and you are not restricted by finance, then you can safely choose this direction for the design of the bath. As a result, you will get an unusual, very bright room, in which it will be pleasant to relax and spend time with friends.

How should be framed (it is desirable that in a single style the whole bath was maintained) rest room?

The design of the room depends only on your imagination. The Art Nouveau style does not impose strict restrictions in the selection of finishes or colors. Therefore, you can embody all your design impulses and combine the latest technology and modern trends.

Shiny chrome, leather, glass are appropriate for modern. However, be aware that conventional log walls can greatly impair the appearance.

Recommendations of specialists

To make your bath design look harmonious, use the tips of designers:

  1. Do not mix a few styles, making out a small room. Initially, choose the direction that suits you and try to stick to it. Otherwise your bathhouse can turn into a chaotic collection of various elements.
  2. Defining the style of the interior, take into account the material from which the structure is built. This will allow to properly arrange the premises and will not require significant investment.
  3. Parylka, as a rule, is of a modest size. Such a room should not be overloaded with decor. In this case, the use of several types of finishing materials will look quite harmonious. You can choose several varieties of wood in different shades. If you use a mosaic, the combination of 2-3 colors will make the interior cozy and beautiful.

Even the simplest and most modest bath, if you approach the process creatively, you can decorate it exquisitely and perfectly. Do not be afraid to experiment. You will definitely get a wonderful sauna, in which the household and your guests will be very happy to meet.

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