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From what and why do joints crack?

Very many people are faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as the crunching of the formulations. This leads to a series of natural questions: "Why do crunches of joints?", "Do I need treatment for crunching joints" and others.

Among the main reasons for the above problem are the following

1) Hypermobility or increased mobility of joints - is most often observed in young women and transmitted at the genetic level. The hypermobility is explained by the production of collagen, which by its nature has a greater extensibility than the usual protein. Collagen is the building material needed to form the connective tissue that forms the joint. As a result, such "weak ligaments" lead to clicks and painful sensations.

2) Another answer to the question "Why do crunches of joints?" - this stretching ligaments. In this case, the crunch appears not immediately, but after a while after the start of sports training. To get rid of it you need to limit the mobility of the joint, because it needs rest and discharge. It is not necessary to refuse from sports exercises, but it is necessary to select them taking into account the existing problem. With proper exercise and moderate exercise, the risk of stretching for the second time will be minimal.

3) Osteoarthritis characterized by wear and tear of the joint. In this case, the surface of the cartilage becomes thinner, which prevents normal sliding when it comes into contact. It is arthrosis is the most common joint disease. He is treated under the supervision of a doctor using special anti-inflammatory ointments, as well as drugs that have a restoring effect. To cure arthrosis completely it is impossible, but it is possible to reduce its manifestations to a minimum. For this, the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor is repeated on a regular basis.

4) Excessive amount of salts in the joint. A similar problem occurs with age, when there is an accumulation of a large number of salts. In this case, the muscle tissue loses its elasticity.

Many mothers turn to the doctor with the question: "Why do crunches of joints in a child?". The reasons you can think of yourself are many: incorrectly lifted the baby, stretched the joint, etc. But there is no special reason for panic. The crunching and clicking is the reason, connected with the fact that the ligamentous-muscular apparatus is not yet strong and not "ripe". Over time, the crunch and click should disappear.

Nevertheless, the question "Why do crunches of the joints in a child?" Takes place when there is only a crunch of one joint. In this case, you should definitely contact a specialist.

Your child will have to take a blood test, make an ultrasound of the heart, and consult an orthopedic doctor. It is likely that this is just an anatomical feature of the organism of your child.

In order to prevent the symptom "why joints crack", you should enter into the baby's diet calcium-containing foods (cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, fish and others), and increase the amount of liquid consumed by it.

Solve the problem of why the joints crunch when there is pain along with the crunch. If there is no soreness, then most likely the ligaments are to blame.

Parents are wondering why the joints are crackling in the teenager, but sometimes they do not pay attention to how the children click on the joints of their fingers by habit. Doctors say that this is dangerous for the joint surface. Over time, such a hobby can turn into a problem: joints will get in place only with mechanical impact.

Some doctors answer the question "why do crunches of joints in a teenager": "This is not a habit, but a neurosis, from which it is necessary to get rid of, so as not to harm the health."

In addition, parents should remember that in the period from 14 to 16 years, joints are especially active, so excessive loads should be avoided, but exercise and a balanced diet are extremely important for normal development.

Thus, there is no unambiguous answer to the question "Why do joints crunch?". To find out the exact cause, you should contact a specialist.

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