How to fix MDF panels? Mounting of MDF panels

The wooden board becomes more expensive every year. Already, not everyone can afford to decorate and furnish the premises from natural materials. The choice, most often, falls on an inexpensive practical substitute.

MDF wall panels on the building materials market have appeared for a long time and quickly gained popularity. The walls are decorated with MDF boards in Russia for several decades. You do not need to be a master of the highest order, in order to quickly and inexpensively give the room a new ennobled appearance. From you only accuracy, accuracy and initial skills of the domestic craftsman are required.

What is MDF?

This building material is produced by hot pressing of dry crushed waste from woodworking enterprises. Under the influence of steam, the sawdust becomes soft and supple. The finest fibers, twisted, join together even without interference of the gluing components. As a result, the structure of the panel looks like felt, but sealed with enormous pressure. How do the MDF panels look? The photos used in the article will make it possible to compose them about them.

MDF boards are not distinguished by any super-strong characteristics, but due to the absence of gluing substances in the composition, they are completely harmless. The panels can be mounted with any glue for wood.

Tool used

Of course, of course, do not provide, but the main tool, without which you can not do, should be at hand:

  1. Roulette. It is better to use a 5-meter specimen.
  2. Building level. It can be made from a conventional bundle with a nut attached to the end.
  3. Nozzle for the drill. Perfectly replace the screwdriver.
  4. A metal fence with different legs. It is useful for cutting slopes.
  5. Electric jigsaw or any hacksaw with small teeth. It is desirable to have two hacksaws - with a transverse and longitudinal cut.
  6. Bolgaru for cutting metal profiles, if the frame will be assembled from them. The tool must have a protective cover.
  7. The usual tools that every master should have: a knife, a screwdriver, a pencil or marker, a set of drills, a hammer, small nails (shoemakers).

Preparatory work

Before fixing MDF panels, you will have to do a lot of preparatory work. It is necessary for the reliability of fasteners. With wood surfaces everything is clear - here the installation process is much easier to conduct. Difficulties arise with brick walls.

First you need to remove the skirting board. Expanded or crumbling plaster should be removed completely, to the base. At once, hidden defects in the capital walls will be visible, which must be eliminated.

Slots and cracks should be covered with a mortar. After the putty hardens, it is necessary to cover the wall with a primer and give it a few hours to dry.

Installation process

Decoration of MDF panels is done in two ways:

1) with glue;

2) installation of a rigid frame.

The frame is made of wood or from special metal profiles MDF (this is a steel channel made of thin metal).

The lining made of wooden blocks is easier and cheaper. Although the entire frame will later need to be treated with fire fighting compound. This, too, will take a certain time. Wall panels to the rails are attached using kleimers (another name is clips). The slats are perpendicular to the wall panels.

Wireframe mode

So, let's see how to fix MDF panels. Depending on the size of the boards, the number of rows of racks will be different. In a standard room where the ceiling height does not exceed 2.5 m, 4-5 runs along the entire wall will suffice. The main thing is that after the installation of the panel they should be tight, and not "play" after any touch.

The top bar of the frame is fixed to 15-20 cm below the ceiling. At the same distance from the floor, the lower bar is fixed. The middle frame bars are placed in equal proportions between the outermost bars. It is desirable that the distance between the slats does not exceed 50-60 cm. Also, one should not forget about the fastening of the frame around the perimeter around the windows and doors.

Where a groove is located at the panel, a clay meter is attached. Having tried the top and bottom elements and making sure that the wallboard is level, the extreme clips fix on the slats with screws. After that, the rest of the fasteners are added - according to the number of frame runs. The following board inserts its thorn into the groove of the first panel and is also fixed with clips on all the slats.

Do not forget that the very first panel is rigidly attached to all racks on the screws from the side of the spike. The edge board is also tightly fastened, which is rarely an integer. All traces of installation are usually hidden behind decorative corners. An excellent option in this case is the MDF profile. It will fit organically into the overall design of the room.

Adhesive method

Another way how to fix MDF panels, requires a perfectly flat and clean wall. Bearing surface can be any - plywood, concrete, brick or plasterboard. Glue panels more often on "liquid nails." This glue will approach any surface.

This method of installation has serious drawbacks. Dismantling the premises is difficult. The board is constantly breaking down. To smooth the wall, you have to peel off the remnants of the hardened glue, which is quite difficult.

Replacing several wallboards with new ones will also entail a lot of problems. The rest of the wall can grow up, lose all harmony, and accordingly an attractive appearance.

In addition, the interior of the MDF boards is not treated with a moisture-repellent compound, and in the case of a wetting of the bearing wall, the panel will swell with time and it will start to warp.

Which way is better?

If the height of the walls is large or the MDF panels have been laid horizontally, the length of the room is better suited for the frame version. This method also provides for the insulation of the walls, however, while the volume of the room will be somewhat reduced. A similar method is useful in the case when there is a large surface roughness.

The room with low ceilings and even walls is faster and cheaper to "ennoble" the adhesive way. Here, the loss of room size will be minimal.

It is necessary to determine and with the performers of the forthcoming work. Installation of MDF panels is not only from the direct installation of the boards themselves. Before you start, you need to determine the amount of material to be purchased and the fasteners. We must also remember the existence of certain nuances that ordinary people, the average person, may not be known. In the future, finishing the walls with MDF panels will take time, in proportion to your experience.

Preliminary processing and repair of the main walls also require some knowledge and skills. The solution suggests itself - to entrust repair to professionals.

Now you have an idea of how to fix MDF panels. There is nothing tricky and ingratial in this kind of work, but the master, of course, will make it both better and faster. However, it all depends on the thickness of the wallet and the size of your experience in carrying out such work. The choice is yours.

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