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Filling for pancakes with meat: a recipe for cooking with a photo

Probably, in the national cuisine of each country there is a recipe for pancakes. Somewhere they are made thick, yeast, somewhere - thin, like a lace of dough. Tortillas, strong, mlynchiki - all these pancakes. Filling is even more diverse. After all, pancakes can be served as a dessert - with berries, sweet cottage cheese, apples. But they can also serve as a full dish, if their filling will contain meat, hard cheese, spinach, caviar or cabbage.

Each housewife has her own mince recipe for such envelopes from dough. In the article, we will talk about how to prepare a filling of meat for pancakes. This dish is suitable for breakfast, and for dinner. It can be put as a lunch to a schoolboy. Dough for pancakes in this case should be unsweetened. Meat can be any - beef, pork, lamb, poultry. Heat treatment can also be different. For pancakes, you can twist boiled, fried, baked or smoked meat. Below you will find a selection of mince recipes.

Filling with boiled meat for pancakes

We need four hundred grams of pulp of lean pork or veal. Boil the meat until ready. Cool it down. If a hot piece is scrolled in a meat grinder, the blades may become dull. We clean two medium or three small bulbs. Shink them as small as possible. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Culinary experts say that the more onions, the more juicy will be the filling for pancakes with meat. Cooked veal and chilled to room temperature, veal or pork cut into medium pieces. We scroll through the meat grinder. In the mince we add fried onions together with the remains of vegetable oil. We knead it.

Bake pancakes, lubricating each piece with butter. Immediately lay out the stuffing and wrap the envelope. Some mistresses love to frying pan, where the onions are fried, send and frayed large carrots.

Secrets of delicious meat filling

Pancakes will be juicier if you stuff half of the broth in the soup. And you can put a piece of creamy meat. The filling for pancakes with meat will be more delicious if you mix varieties. Classic is the combination of beef and pork. In such a mixture, an ideal balance of juiciness and fat content is achieved. In minced meat, you can enter (except for the obligatory onion) not only carrots, but also other vegetables.

Pancakes with a filling in which there are fried champignons or other edible mushrooms are very tasty. They should be added to the pan when the onion is already gilded, and fry until the liquid completely evaporates. In the finished minced meat, you can add a small amount of sauerkraut. It will give the dish a pleasant sourness. If the meat is small, and pancakes you baked a lot, you can add to the filling of hard-boiled and chopped eggs.

Minced meat from smoked bacon and bacon

Of these ingredients, you can also make delicious pancakes with meat. The recipe for the filling with the photo allows you to use a raw brisket - on the bone, with a small layer of fat. But in this case, it must be put in a whole piece of kazanok, pour hot water and bring to a boil. Then you need to add chopped cleaned large carrots, two laurel leaves, a couple of peppercorns, salt and cook until the meat itself separates from the bone (about two and a half hours).

We take the brisket from the broth, cool it. In the meantime, shred two or three onions. We need to cut them as small as possible, so that each piece is the size of a grain of rice. We cut six pieces of bacon into strips. Put it on a cold frying pan. After turning on a small fire, drown the fat from the bacon. We put onions, fry until golden. Add 2-3 peeled and finely chopped cloves of garlic to the pan. Fry for another four minutes. Cooled boiled or smoked breast let's go through the meat grinder. We put this stuffing in a frying pan. Add nutmeg, add salt to taste. Fry another couple of minutes. Before you spread the filling on pancakes, it should be cooled.

Chicken stuffing

What is good about this dish is its economy. Broth, which was cooked chicken (along with an onion, carrots and spices), you can use to make soups. And from the carcass of the bird you will get a delicious filling for pancakes with meat. We shred two bulbs finely, we pass them on vegetable oil. We remove the poultry meat from the bones. We need about 600 grams of chicken. We combine meat with onions in a bowl of a blender and we rub. Season with spices, salt. We are making pancakes.

Cottage cheese and minced meat

According to this recipe, we should boil 600 grams of beef without bone. Cool the piece and let it through the meat grinder. Mix with onion in vegetable oil. You can add carrot to the frying pan and rubbed with large shavings for flavor. Cheese filling for pancakes with meat is prepared simply. We only need three hundred grams of fat cottage cheese and one raw egg. But to make mincemeat tastier, you can add another 100 gr. Cheese creamy mass. It could be Philadelphia or Mascarpone. Solim and knead all the ingredients until homogeneity. For each pancake we put a spoonful of meat and cheese filling. We wrap the dough in a tube. Fold the pancakes on a baking sheet close to each other. Pour with melted butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put in a preheated oven for ten minutes.

Liver cake

Fry ten to twelve thin pancakes on milk. So that they retain their elasticity, we smear them with butter. Four hundred grams of turkey liver is cleaned of films, cut into small pieces. Fry until cooked in vegetable oil. At the very end, add salt and add your favorite seasonings.

Carrots are cleaned and rubbed with large shavings. Mix with the liver. We send these two ingredients to the blender. Mix the prepared mashed potatoes with fifty grams of softened butter. So our stuffing is ready for pancakes with meat. With a photo you can see more clearly how to place it. On a greased pancake, put a little stuffing. We level with a thin layer. We cover with mayonnaise. Put another pancake. We act in exactly the same way as with the first. And so on, until a pile of pancakes forms a pie.

Filling with minced meat

This recipe is suitable for those who do not have a meat grinder at home. It is better to buy mixed stuffing (from pork and beef). Meat filling for pancakes with meat is done in this case very simply. Shinkin bulb in proportions one piece for 250 grams of minced meat. To taste, you can also grind a couple of cloves of garlic for a dish. Heat the frying pan, pour refined vegetable oil and lay out the mince. Immediately add onions with garlic, salt and season with spices. Stir and fry for five minutes. After that, add a little warm water or broth (at the rate of half a glass for 250 grams of minced meat). Cover the frying pan, reduce the heat and so put out for about twenty minutes.

We make a lezon. To do this, put the egg in the bowl. Beat it with a pinch of salt and a little water. Eggs are taken from the calculation of one piece for 250 grams of minced meat. We pour the lezon into the frying pan. Stir and stew under the lid for five more minutes. Only after that we begin to fry pancakes. Each finished product is smeared with melted butter and spread out the filling. We wrap it with an envelope.

Original pancakes with meat: a recipe for filling, as for shawarma

Stir fry with onions and garlic, as indicated in the previous recipe. When the meat is ready, add canned beans and a few spoons of tomato paste and broth. Season with spices and salt. Stir, we simmer under the lid for about ten minutes. Lettuce, we divide into leaves. Hard cheese cut into strips. Bake pancakes. On each of them we put on a leaf of lettuce, a couple of spoons of meat stuffing and a strip of cheese. We wrap it with envelopes. Fold the pancakes on a baking sheet. Lubricate the surface with sour cream and bake.

Such a pancake "shawarma" can be prepared with a smoked chicken. It is necessary to remove the meat from the bone and divide into pieces by the fibers. We fill pancakes with chicken, lettuce, you can add sweet canned corn, ketchup or mayonnaise to taste.

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