Stabilizer of the car

The anti-roll bar stabilizer is a suspension element. It serves to reduce the roll of the car in corners, which ultimately affects the safety, handling and more sparing mode of use as a suspension, and all parts in general. There is also a stabilizer bar of lateral stability, which experiences significant loads, because of what it often has to be replaced. These structural features are asymmetrical, suitable only for one side of the suspension (right or left), and symmetrical, applied simultaneously to both sides. In addition, the difference can be in their arrangement, as well as in linear dimensions, which are measured between the centers of the semi-axes.

Symptoms of a malfunction

The reasons that lead the racks and other parts of the suspension are always obvious. The main one is the low quality of roads, which can destroy devices even from the most famous manufacturers. But the following symptoms are also typical for problems with bushings, so you need to conduct an independent additional test or send the car to a service in which specialists will perform professional diagnostics.

Symptoms of problems:

- the car is swinging during braking and cornering;

- increased machine roll;

- the movement becomes unstable and there is a departure to the side.

How to identify problems with the rack

Turn the wheels as far as possible to the left and right. In the wheel tire after this, it is necessary to take the stand by hand. After vigorous movements with the application of maximum force pull it in different directions. At occurrence of knocks, люфтов it is possible to tell with confidence that obviously with a rack something is not so. It must be taken into account that the loads that fall on it are much higher when driving a car than when tested by hand. Therefore, any slight deviations from the norm indicate that the stabilizer bar Requires replacement.

The second method requires a pit. The lower nut is unscrewed and the rack is released. The item is then checked in different directions. If the hinges move almost without resistance, freely, and knocking is heard, this means that the stabilizer post is to be replaced. The second part can also be checked without unscrewing the nut. To do this, the car swings behind the stabilizer bar in the vertical plane. If you hear a characteristic knock, then it must be replaced.

The stabilizer bar can be checked by another method, which requires a pit, and also an assistant. One person in the horizontal plane swings the car, and the other is in the pit and keeps the finger attached to the hinge. In this case, the stabilizer bar Is checked not by sound, but tactile.

It is necessary to understand that any problems concerning the suspension can lead to unfortunate consequences. If the diagnosis is not carried out on time, and the front stabilizer or rear pillar will be faulty, different situations on the road, including road accidents, are possible.

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