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Motor Sich Motor: specifications and reviews

Agrarian activities and private economy require modern conditions and auxiliary equipment. Otherwise, any procedure for processing the soil will be accompanied by the need to apply a lot of time and physical effort on the part of the person.

Some modern owners of land prefer motor cultivators to cultivators, but they are capable of performing only one task. And attachments together with them can not be used in any way. What can not be said about full-strength motoblocks, which can be set to many tasks, and you can perform them without additional efforts, because you can work with a motor-block, sitting comfortably in the seat.


The most popular transport in the village today is a tractor. However, its use is sometimes impossible, this is especially true for small areas where it is difficult to turn around without destroying the work done previously. And the cultivation of soil using a tractor is economically inefficient.

That is why today the most frequently used motoblock, which is offered for sale by many manufacturers. Among others, it should be noted "Motor Sich". But to select a particular model, you need to familiarize yourself not only with the reviews, but also with the technical characteristics.

Specifications of the diesel model

Diesel motoblock "Motor Sich" is a modern solution, which is economical and reliable engine. The model gathers within the walls of the plant and represents a response to Chinese equipment, which filled the market today.

As practice shows, the answer turned out to be very worthy, because engineering solutions for the creation of technology were considered for a long time, which allowed achieving high quality. This model is the first in the line of diesel motor-blocks from the manufacturer. The equipment operates due to a six-horsepower engine, has high ground clearance and a power take-off shaft.

Additional features of the model

There is a differential lock in the device and a multi-stage gearbox. This diesel motorbike "Motor Sich" is able to move at a speed of 16 km / h, among other things, it has two rear speeds. If necessary, you can back up at a speed of 4 km / h.

The track width may vary, but this is by no means a complete list of the positive features that this equipment possesses. It is worth noting also the electric starter, which allows you to start the unit with a key or using only one handle.

Technical characteristics of the petrol model of the motoblock "MB-4.05"

This motor-block "Motor Sich" has a four-stroke single-cylinder engine, the capacity of which is 5.5 liters. from. The weight of the equipment is 217 kg, and the speed of rotation reaches 380 per minute. The clearance is 24 cm. The working tool can be 20 cm deep into the soil, and the track width, as in the above-described case, can be adjusted.

The operator will be able to block the differential. As you can see, this model is an analog of the diesel version, but it is supplied with a gasoline engine. Therefore, when choosing a technique, you should focus on fuel that is more beneficial for you.

Technical characteristics of the motoblock "MB-8 (E)"

Choosing a motoblock "Motor Sich", you can prefer the model MB-8 (E), which is a complete analog of the version of MB-8. As additions are the headlight and starter. Weigh this equipment 260 kg, and deepens into the soil by 20 cm.

Motoblock "Motor Sich" "MB 8 (E)" works at the expense of an eight-strong gasoline engine, and the speed is 380 per minute. Do not assume that the equipment described is the market leader. But in our country this product is a success.

It can be argued that the model is superior in reliability to the many samples supplied from China. Among other things, the brand has great value, because the 100-year history of the company, which has a lot of experience in the manufacture of aircraft engines, does its job. A number of owners are satisfied with the acquisitions and leave positive comments about them.

Reviews of the model motor-block "MB-6"

If you are interested in Motor Sich products, the motoblock, which you can find about below is worth considering. In this case we are talking about the MB-6 model, which is used for mechanization of soil cultivation and other agricultural works.

Use this device can be and in the personal garden, garden and garden areas. According to customers, the unit is suitable for work in the municipal utilities. You can use the equipment when transporting goods. Among the main positive characteristics of buyers are:

  • Adjustable track gauge;
  • Large number of transmissions;
  • Impressive ground clearance;
  • Flange mount of the motor to the gearbox;
  • Trailer and attached equipment;

The assortment offers for sale modern products of the company "Motor Sich". Motoblock, attachments that can be supplied in the kit, also has a lockable differential. In this case, we are talking about the MB-6 model, as attachments for which can be used:

  • Kits for harvesting and planting potatoes;
  • Rotary mechanism;
  • hiller;
  • harrow;
  • Small potato digger;
  • Hinged universal frame;
  • ripper;
  • adapter.

Consumers in their reviews often mention the power, which in this case is 4.05 or 5.5 liters. from. The transmission in the device is gear, and power is transmitted through the differential. Use as fuel DSTU 4839 or gasoline AI-92. The unit can move forward at a speed of between 2.2 and 16 km / h, whereas the backward speed is only 4.5 km / h. It is important to take into account also the mass, which is 217 kg, while the overall dimensions are 1700x975x1150 mm.


If you also decided to purchase the equipment described in the article, you can pay attention to the Motor Sich brand. Motoblock diesel, mentioned above, will be an excellent solution. It has unique technical characteristics and allows you to perform the tasks assigned to the technician predictably and productively.

Specialists advise choosing diesel motoblocks, because their engines are considered one of the most economical. After reviewing the reviews, you can also pay attention to models of the brand "Motor Sich". Motoblock, whose price is 110 000 rubles, will justify the price in the first season.

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