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Sweet marinated tomatoes on your table

Tomatoes are preserved by many housewives. Each has its own recipe, especially loved by the household. Depending on the added spices and seasonings, they are obtained salty, spicy or spicy. But we will cook sweet pickled tomatoes. They have an unusual taste and will suit even the festive table. Perhaps, these recipes will become traditional in your cookbook.

Simple and tasty

This recipe is distinguished by a small set of ingredients and speed of cooking. We start with the choice of tomatoes. First, they must be fresh and of good quality. Secondly, we choose ripe fruits, but not overripe. They must remain intact at the end of cooking. Marinated sweet tomatoes are prepared as follows. In addition to tomatoes, you will need grains of fragrant pepper (5-6 pieces), two large spoons of salt, 8 tablespoons of sugar and two spoons of vinegar (9%). Now carefully wash the fruit. We take three-liter jars (for their volume and calculated the number of ingredients) and wash them with soda. Then rinse well. The metal caps are sterilized for 10 minutes. Next, put the tomatoes in the jar, put peas on pepper and pour steep boiling water. After 15 minutes, drain the water and put in each jar a specified amount of sugar, salt and vinegar. Now we again fill the containers with steep boiling water and close tightly with lids. As usual, we set the jars upside down, wrap them around and leave them to cool. It is necessary that the sweet pickled tomatoes warm up well.

Sweet ringlets tomato

The following recipe is based on marinating fruit, cut into pieces. We take three kilograms of mature tomatoes. They should be thoroughly washed and tails removed. For one liter of pouring, we need one large spoonful of salt, three large spoons of sugar and a small spoon of 70% of the essence. Sweet pickled tomatoes in this case retain their taste and are obtained as in their own juice. Now we cut tomatoes with rings of medium thickness. Then put them in prepared banks. The containers are pre-washed and sterilized. It is more convenient to use 0.5 liter cans, but this is up to you. So, fill our dishes with tomatoes on the hangers, leaving a little space. This amount of tomato will require three liters of pouring. Pour the water into a saucepan and pour the necessary amount of sugar and salt. Boil the marinade and finally pour in the vinegar. Now fill the received liquid with tomato jars and roll them with lids. Sweet marinated tomatoes are ready for the winter .

Another recipe

Take 50 grams of vinegar, a large spoonful of salt, three large spoons of sugar and spices (peas, pepper, dill, horseradish, garlic and others). This amount is calculated for a three-liter jar. Tanks for salting are sterilized, tomatoes are washed. We put tomatoes in cans, shifting them with spices. Now pour boiling water for 15 minutes. Then drain the water into a saucepan and turn on the fire. Add salt, vinegar and sugar. When the marinade boils, fill it with jars. Close the lids and leave to cool. Here's how else you can cook marinated tomatoes sweet. The recipe, like all the previous ones, is very simple.

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