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How to marinate a chicken on a shish kebab: the best marinades

Shish kebab is a favorite summer dish of many families. The secrets of marinating meat and cooking options are often preserved for several generations. However, even if you are not too sophisticated an expert on how to pickle a chicken on a shish kebab, you can always pick up your recipe that will delight all friends and relatives.

Choosing a chicken

How much meat will depend on a lot. It is best to choose a bird weighing up to one and a half kilograms for a grill or shish kebab. Such meat will be tender and soft without much effort. It is advisable that chicken should be chilled, not frozen, so that the shish kebab would taste better. Fresh, juicy meat should be a smooth light shade, elastic and round, without an unpleasant odor. For a shish kebab any part of a chicken will approach, you can simply chop one carcass into portions. The most delicious chicken thighs are obtained . Leaving skin or not is a matter of taste. With the skin, the shish kebab from the chicken will get fatter.

Garlic and garlic marinade for chicken shish kebab

One of the simplest marinades is a variant with lemon and garlic. Before pickling a chicken on a shish kebab, it must be cut into pieces and put in a bowl. The bulb needs to be cut and kneaded with salt to make the juice stand out. Garlic cloves cut into thin slices, chop a bunch of fresh parsley and add everything to the chicken, thoroughly mixing and rubbing the meat. Add a black pepper and a half lemon juice to the bowl. Marinate should be about two hours, after which the shish kebab is ready for frying.

Shish kebab from chicken with vinegar and onion

To make a juicy and fragrant shish kebab, you can marinate it with vinegar and tomato paste. Three kilograms of thighs will require 150 grams of tomato paste, a spoonful of zira, half a teaspoon of red pepper, four onions and vinegar. Marinate the meat you need in tomato paste with zira and pepper, it will take about two hours. Vinegar is necessary in order to pickle onions. With such a bow any shish kebab will be tastier and more appetizing.

How to pickle a chicken on a shish kebab in Italian style

The most refined shish kebab is obtained from chicken, marinade for which was white wine and tomatoes. Pieces of meat need to be stuffed with garlic and lightly rubbed with pepper and coriander. Three onions and four tomatoes cut into and layered with chicken - half the meat, half the vegetables, and then the same. The resulting shish kebab should be poured with a mixture of half a lemon juice and half a glass of white wine, without stirring or breaking the layers. After three hours, the shish kebab will be ready for roasting on charcoal. This method, like marinating a chicken on a shish kebab, allows you to cook unusually tasty meat with an interesting flavor.

Shish kebab of chicken

Tender meat of young chickens is delicious, but if you cook them with sour cream sauce, it will be even better. Take a spoonful of sour cream and lemon juice, one finely chopped clove of garlic and spices to taste, mix. Halve chicken halves with sauce and immediately fry on charcoal or a special grate. Ready chickens serve to the table with slices of lemon and any vegetable salad. The dish will turn out to be incredibly juicy and piquant.

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