Coccyx is that? Bone or cartilage

Most people know about the coccyx. They are aware of its location and the fact that it does not have any important function for a person. The coccyx, pictured below, includes 4 or 5 fused vertebrae. The latter have the form of a triangle. These vertebrae are underdeveloped.

What is it?

Coccyx is an underdeveloped caudal department. The fact is that during the evolutionary process the structure of the human body has changed. Then the need for coccyx was no longer needed. Many years ago, the tailbone was a tail, it was necessary for a person to maintain balance. In addition, the ancient people transmitted information to each other through it. That is, it served as a means of communication.

Previously, the human skeleton was arranged in such a way that there was a need for tail. Then, after a period of time, a man had a vertical gait on two extremities, people explained to each other by means of gestures. Therefore, the tail is not needed. The tailbone is the remainder of the tail, which in the course of evolution has lost its functional significance.

Interesting features

With the fetal development of the embryo, one can observe the development of the tail. Also, some newborn babies have a ponytail at birth. To remove it, an operation is performed, which is quite simple and does no harm to the human body. Another interesting fact is the appearance of creeps on the human body. They start from the coccyx and run upwards. The same happens in animals, when their hair stands on end. She starts to rise from tail to head. These processes clearly show that a person is closely connected with the animal world.

Despite the fact that the coccyx is not a functional organ for the human body, there are often cases when it hurts. First of all, you should remember that in no case should you start unpleasant sensations in this area. If there is pain, then you need to see a doctor who examines the coccyx. This must be done in order to determine the cause of the pain. The reasons can be a little, depending on them the doctor will be appointed or nominated corresponding or meeting therapy.

How to diagnose ailment?

There is a generalized name for the pain sensations in the coccyx, namely coccidia. By this term we mean a variety of painful sensations in the coccyx region. To identify the cause of a person appointed such examinations as X-rays, MRI and ultrasound. In addition, the following examination is performed:

  1. Interview. The doctor, through conversation, finds out from the patient what kind of lifestyle he is leading. It is also necessary to find out how painful feelings have developed for a long time and how they developed with time. Based on the data, you can understand why the coccyx hurts.
  2. The patient is examined . The doctor looks at the condition of the human skin, whether or not the mucous membranes are damaged. It is also necessary to assess how the proteins of the eyes, nails and hair of the patient look. Then the doctor uses the method of palpation to determine where the pain is. At the same time, both the coccyx region and the zones that are next to it are probed.
  3. Another method for establishing an accurate diagnosis is pulse diagnosis . It consists in listening to the pulse of a person in different parts of his body. This method allows you to put the most accurate diagnosis.

What are the causes of pain? Symptoms of the coccyx

Why is there pain in the coccyx? The reasons can be the following:

  1. One of the frequent reasons for the appearance of pain in the coccyx is trauma. It should be noted that any trauma, from a bruise to a serious fracture, will cause a sharp pain syndrome. The nature of the sensations a person experiences is different. Pain in the coccyx can wear dull and aching character. It can also be sharp, or increase with time. There is such a damage to the tailbone, which is called microscopic. He is subject to people who because of their employment ride on tanks, tractors, or on off-road vehicles with increased shaking. The coccyx in men often hurts precisely because of this reason. Also, athletes engaged in bicycle racing and equestrian sport are exposed to microdamages. Complaints of pain in the coccyx often come from women in the postpartum period. This is due to the fact that the pelvic bones disintegrated severely during delivery. Also, the cause of pain in the coccyx in girls may be an insufficient amount of calcium in the body during the carrying of the child. Another reason for women can become physiological changes in the body during pregnancy.
  2. If a person underwent surgery on the pelvic organs, then later scars and adhesions can cause pain on the coccyx. As a rule, pain occurs when a person takes an upright position, that is, when he gets up.
  3. Such diseases as osteochondrosis, hernia, protrusion, also cause pain in the coccyx. In addition to pain directly in the coccyx, they appear in the back, namely in the lower part. Also, discomfort can occur with such ailments as a cyst, rectum disease and hemorrhoids. With the above diseases, the pain is not present in the coccyx, but gives to it.
  4. Inflammatory processes in the body, which are localized next to the coccyx, can cause it pain syndrome. To diseases that can cause discomfort, include: cystitis, prostatitis, endometritis and other ailments of this kind. Pain in inflammatory processes that are located in close proximity to the coccyx is intensified if a person tilts the trunk.

Problems for women

Coccyx in women can also be sick. There are cases when there is discomfort due to gynecological problems in the body. If during the menstruation a woman has a coccyx, then she should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

This fact is considered a signal for examination of the reproductive system. Perhaps in the body there are some pathologies. To confirm or refute this fact, it is necessary, as soon as possible, to apply to a medical institution.

Other reasons

Why does the coccyx still hurt? The reason may be hiding in ailments of a neurological nature. One of these diseases is nerve entrapment. In this case, pain is present in the lumbar region and gives to the coccyx.

Wrong way of life, namely, frequent sitting on a soft surface leads to the fact that in the coccyx region salt begins to be deposited. As a result, unpleasant sensations arise.

In addition to the above reasons for pain, a person in the body may be present with any congenital pathology.

It is necessary to establish the cause

In order to get rid of the pain in the coccyx, it is necessary to establish the cause of its appearance. After that it will be clear what treatment should be used to eliminate the unpleasant syndrome. From the foregoing it is clear that the pain in the coccyx can be not only because the very element of the human skeleton itself is damaged. It is possible that pain sensations are given due to pathologies of other organs, or are a consequence of inflammatory processes. In any case, do not engage in self-medication, but you need to seek the help of a professional specialist.

Methods of treatment through alternative medicine

In addition to traditional methods of therapy in the fight against pain in the coccyx, there is non-traditional medicine. It refers to the Tibetan technology of healing. The main feature of the treatment is a complex approach to the patient. The essence of the method is that phytotherapy is applied to the patient. Also, the external influence and the patient's changing of his lifestyle are made. The change consists in adjusting nutrition and active activities, namely, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Specialists in the field of Tibetan medicine exclude from the scheme of their treatment the use of medicines with a chemical composition. Also, the use of hormonal drugs is denied and surgical intervention in the human body is not allowed.

Thus, any complications on the human body that could be caused by taking hormonal drugs or after surgery are excluded.

Methods of Tibetan therapy

What is Tibetan therapy for the elimination of pain in the coccyx? To understand this, it is necessary to understand the methods. These include:

  1. Massage. Various techniques are used to alleviate a person's condition. For example, vacuum, point, foot, head, manual therapy and other techniques. Thus, tension is removed from the back, the work of the internal organs of the person is being adjusted. The body is injected into the right tone, blood circulation improves. The activity of the patient appears, the process of recovery is being established.
  2. Acupuncture. This method of therapy is the eastern way of treatment. In this case, spasms and pinch in the back are removed by means of acupuncture. Also, jams of blood vessels and nerves are removed.
  3. In order to remove pain from the coccyx region, a number of warming-up procedures are used. Tibetan medicine includes in its complex such procedures as heating with stones, compresses from oil and others. These methods of treatment favorably affect the general condition of the body.
  4. Hirudotherapy.
  5. Pharmacopuncture.
  6. Tsuboterapiya and other methods.

The main feature of the treatment of alternative medicine is a comprehensive approach. The task of this therapy is to activate the forces of the human body. An important role is played by the desire of the patient himself to establish the process of recovery.

A small conclusion

Now you know what a coccyx is, why it is needed. We also examined why there is discomfort in this area. We hope that our article was useful to you.

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