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Meteostations home: how to choose, reviews. Weather station with remote sensor, digital

Now in specialized stores and markets you can find special meteorological stations homemade. How to choose the most suitable for a summer residence, by what principle it is necessary to be defined with purchase, and what brands in this market are more popular: let's find out below.

What is a home weather station?

How to choose the right model and what should it contain? In most cases, such designs are universal. Be sure to pay attention to what kind of sensors it is equipped with. The most primitive weather stations are intended only for measuring humidity and temperature.

The simplest models have a built-in design and are equipped with an additional clock, calendar and alarm clock. A more advanced design is a home weather station with a remote sensor, which allows you to measure at once in two locations, and this guarantees their reliability. In addition, a number of models are equipped with a barometer, so people with problematic arterial pressure can observe the dependence of their condition on weather conditions.

Some designs allow you to determine the heat index, depending on the humidity and even the level of comfort, how different in terms of functions can be weather stations homemade. How to choose a model by the way we work, we will find out below.

Analog and digital weather stations

The simplest models will show measurements in the room. The design of the device includes such components:

  • thermometer;
  • barometer;
  • hygrometer.

Regardless of whether you have an analog model or you prefer meteostations home digital, all information is displayed on a display that is different, depending on the price and brand. The simplest designs use classic pictograms, but the more "advanced" ones provide indicators with additional information for the user.

Parameters of digital models

If you are interested in such a home weather station, how to choose the most suitable one? Customer feedback converges on the fact that it's best to purchase a product with a user-friendly interface. It is also necessary, depending on their needs, to look at what parameters the weather station will display. Among them are:

  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • Atmosphere pressure;
  • Direction of the wind;
  • Amount of precipitation;
  • Time of sunrise and sunset;
  • Weather forecast and much more.

Man does not always need items without exception. Each buyer has his own tasks, when he acquires such a thing as a home weather station. Feedback from those who travel a lot, say that the speed of the wind helps them navigate the terrain.

Classification of remote structures

Products by the method of mounting sensors are wired when it is attached to the wire, and wireless when they are equipped with radio sensors. The latter model has obvious advantages over the conventional one. After all, a home meteorological station with a remote sensor, especially a wireless type, is more mobile and convenient to use. And the reliability of the indicators does not depend on the location of its installation. There are different brands in a category such as home weather stations. How to choose the best model with a remote sensor? Users assure that the best brands are:

  • Vitek, Uniel, Oregon, Ea2 - China;
  • HAMA - Germany;
  • RST - Sweden.

However, it is very difficult to say which is best for you home meteorological station. Reviews about a particular model are so ambiguous that only after consulting or reviewing each model can you make a final choice.

Browse popular brands

What are they - meteorological stations homemade? How to choose the most suitable gadget for your purposes and what other customers say? Below is an overview of the most purchased models.

Let's start with the Oregon brand, or rather Scientific BAR208HG. This model is inexpensive and for its cost has the optimal characteristics:

  • The ability to measure temperatures ranging from 40 degrees below zero and up to 60 degrees Celsius;
  • Humidity can be measured from 25 to 95 percent;
  • Presence of a barometer;
  • Functions of hours, calendar, weather forecast;
  • You can save the value;
  • The presence of a remote sensor of wireless type;
  • Backlight on the display.

There is this weather station and minuses. For example, a sensor that measures moisture does not always work properly. It is better to check this parameter in the store.

Oregon Scientific BAR808HG

This model costs a little more than the previous one, and differs from it exclusively in design. But what about the technical characteristics and other parameters, then here they are identical. It's quality, made of good materials, all the indicators are easy to read. The only drawback often noted by buyers in the reviews is serious errors in the weather forecast.

La Crosse WS9057

Such a home weather station will cost significantly more than the previous two. It is equipped with a barometer, remote sensor with a reception of up to 100, instruments for measuring humidity and temperature. Also there are functions of the lunar calendar, alarm clock, hours and saving of indicators.

Advantages of this model:

  • high quality;
  • Good materials and great design;
  • Accuracy of measurement indicators;
  • A variety of functions.

However, the remote sensor is not very convenient to connect to the main structure, you will need a protective cover, which is not included with this model. However, against the background of the key advantages of a meteorological station, home digital ones are advantageously different from competitors, in spite of minor shortcomings.

La Crosse WS9257UIT

This model is practically the same as the previous model, except for the design. It is professional, has a large enough and informative display. There is no illumination on it, but it is not needed here. But the energy will be enough for a whole year.

There are minor flaws in this weather station. So, the sensors are not equipped with protection against moisture ingress, and in the settings you can not choose any city in Russia, so focus on foreign cities of similar latitude. But, despite this, reviews about this model, mostly positive, Many users advise others to buy it.

ITEK VT-3539

A practical and inexpensive model. With its help, you can measure temperature and humidity in a fairly wide range. The display is backlit, the remote sensor has a receiving radius of 40 meters, and the weather station is equipped with additional useful functions.

It is designed for basic purposes and, according to reviews, is worth its money. If you are interested in the most simple weather stations, how to choose them you can not worry, stopping just on this model.

In suburban and holiday homes, sometimes it is very important to focus on what the weather will be like in the near future, for example, to plan for garden or garden work or outdoor activities. A home weather station will be in this excellent assistant.

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