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Simple truths of movement, or how to teach a child to walk

Many parents dream about the moment when their child makes the first steps. And so they carefully study all possible information on how to teach a child to walk. Instructions to date there are many, ranging from the grandfather's method "from crib to chair" and ending with whole scientifically-confirmed methods, consisting of several stages. Summarizing all the proposed methods, it is possible to derive a very simple but effective method, which, however, takes a long period of time.

Stage one, or how important it is to remember the individuality of each child

According to pediatric studies, a healthy child begins to walk between 9 and 14 months. But even if this period is overcome, and the baby does not want to walk, it's not worth worrying, it's enough to show the heir to the pediatric orthopedist. It is possible that the baby is just afraid to walk, and the doctor will tell you how to teach the child to walk alone. The main thing is not to force, but to present the process of movement as an exciting game.

Stage two, it all starts with massage and gymnastics

These actions should be carried out from the very birth of the baby. This desire is related to the fact that the correct and beautiful gait depends on the endurance and tone of the muscles. Doctors - orthopedists and neuropathologists - recommend conducting professional massage sessions, starting from 2 - 3 months of life. And before the supposed first step, crumbs of such courses should be produced at least two (the second session is held in six months).

In addition, do not forget about the special gymnastics, which will strengthen the child's locomotor apparatus. Until the moment when the baby sits on his own, parents should practice walking, lying on their backs. The karapuza is laid on the back and carefully moved over the hard surface of the foot so that they are in full contact with it. Gently alternately bend the legs in the knees, imitating the process of walking.

After the baby sits down, you should go to the gymnastic ball. How to teach a child to walk with it? It's simple. The toddler is placed on the surface of the ball by the tummy and rolled gently until the feet come into contact with a solid surface. The foot, as in the first exercise, must completely touch the floor or the table where the gymnastics is held. In addition to these exercises, practice imitating "walking on the stairs" with support and "playing football."

But the most important thing in the process of how to teach a child to walk is to let the baby crawl freely and even in those cases when he makes attempts to move on his own. This will better strengthen the muscles of the crumbs and accelerate the process of vertical walking.

Stage three, or special support

Should I use walkers to learn walking? There is no unequivocal answer to this question even among pediatricians and orthopedists. But still, if there is a possibility, then it is worth abandoning them. This fact is explained simply: this device provides additional support and does not give the right muscles enough training.

how To teach a child to walk independently without using a walker? You should get the reins, but only after the parents see that their child is confidently moving in one hand with an adult. Therefore, to stimulate walking, you only need support under the armpits, driving for one handle or reins.

Stage four, or shoes for the first steps

The correct gait and arch of the foot are formed with the help of one important tool - the first shoes. This situation is due to the fact that the baby's foot is like a kind of plasticine: the bones are soft and are in the process of formation. Therefore, we should remember two rules: size and quality.

Picking up shoes for the first steps, you should correctly determine the size. The ideal option is to go shopping with the child. But here it is also necessary to prepare in advance. Parents take a piece of paper and a pencil, then, putting the sheet on a hard surface, they draw a child's foot on it. Having received the sketch, you should measure its length from the tip of the thumb to the heel of the heel. Based on the result, you can display the approximate size of the first shoe. Do not buy shoes an order of magnitude more, because The leg of the child will not be clearly fixed, and, therefore, it will not be convenient for him to walk.

The second parameter - quality - is based on the following components: the sole, the material from which the footwear is made, and the presence of orthopedic inserts.

The sole should not be smooth, that when walking, the child does not slip. Orthopedic inserts are a small heel (no more than 15 mm), a rigid arch support and a solid backdrop. They will allow the baby to walk properly. And the last thing, the material from which the shoes are made, should be only natural. Otherwise, the risk of developing allergies and asthma increases (due to a sharp chemical smell).

Observance of these four stages will help to quickly solve the problem of how to teach a child to walk.

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