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Get from bugs: instructions and feedback

Insects are the most unwelcome "guests" of human habitation. Their presence always brings a lot of trouble, therefore everyone's desire to get rid of such unpleasant neighbors is quite understandable. Some of the insects that can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments - bed bugs. How do you know if they are in the apartment?

Identification of bedbugs

Evidence of the fact that the bed bugs appeared in the shelter, will serve several facts:

  1. Restless sleep recently.
  2. On the body began to appear swelling. Usually they have droplets of blood, which has not dried to the morning.
  3. Constant itching at the bite sites.

Some people think that this is a sign of mosquito bites. To find out who actually visited (or settled) in the apartment, you need to carefully consider the form of the bite. If the track is one - this is a mosquito bite, but the path from bites testifies that the house was chosen by bedbugs.

Than to deduce insects?

If the insects are not eliminated, they will go out every night to hunt, thereby increasing the number of bites, and thus causing additional trouble. On sale, you can find a lot of funds that can be effective (or not) in the fight against insects-bloodsuckers. But there are drugs that never fail. One of them is Get from bugs. What is this substance and how does it differ from others?

Main advantages

The main characteristics of the drug, which are extremely important for humans and animals, is safety. To achieve this, the poison was placed in microcapsules, so that the poison does not remain in the air, but falls down, so when inhaled, it does not enter the body of people or animals. Thanks to this, immediately after processing, you can go inside the house or apartment and do not waste time on airing.

Other not less important advantages:

  1. Long exposure time.
  2. Lack of smell.
  3. No traces after treatment. Even if the product Get ("Get") from the bugs was applied to wallpaper, furniture, floors, they will not be visible to its remains.
  4. Ease of use.

Description of the tool

Get - an insecticide. On sale it comes in plastic jars of small volume (100 ml). The main active substance is chlorpyrifos. On bugs and other representatives of insects, he has a nerve-paralytic effect. The ways of penetrating the poison can serve different insect organs:

  • stomach;
  • Respiratory tract;
  • Outer cover.

Intended an insecticide is not only for bedbugs: it can destroy cockroaches, ants, fleas and other insects that can penetrate into the shelter.

Impact Features

Microcapsules with poison fall on the feet of insects. They carry it into their nests, infecting their relatives. Remedy from bedbugs Get, being in the body, blocks the passage of nerve impulses. A consequence of this is paralysis and the subsequent death of insects. But they do not die right away, but after a few hours, having managed to infect other bedbugs during this time.

The larvae, which have not yet hatched from the eggs, can not survive - as soon as they can move around, they immediately become infected and soon die. And usually larvae are deposited in hard-to-reach places, but this will not save them - just one contact with the infected individual is enough to get infected too.

Thanks to the chain reaction, insects are destroyed efficiently and quickly: usually on the 3rd-7th day they are no longer in housing. And for the prevention of repeated application of the insecticide is not necessary: in those places where it was sprayed, it will persist, remaining active for 5-6 months.

How not to buy a fake?

Today, among the most popular drugs from insects - a remedy for bedbugs Get. The responses of ordinary citizens and those who are engaged in the extermination of insects on duty, emphasize the effectiveness of the insecticide and, most importantly, its safety. Many write: to get rid completely of insects, only one treatment of housing is enough. This factor is important, since multiple spraying is fraught with various inconveniences for the tenants.

But because of so high popularity impure citizens on the hand decided to profit: there are cases when after the treatment of the premises they still left bedbugs, as evidenced by the newly emerging traces of their bites. This usually happens when the original product was purchased, but its counterfeiting.

How to avoid this situation? In the sale of a product from cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas Get comes in bubbles of 100 ml. And the bottles themselves, and their contents - white. Sometimes it can have a pinkish tinge. Without smell. Pay attention to the following features:

  1. The presence under the main cover of another one, made of foil, which serves as additional protection. On the foil must be present the manufacturer's logo.
  2. The label must be marked with a shelf life. And it is not just printed, but slightly pressed into the paper.
  3. The vial should not be transparent.
  4. The preparation itself is a concentrated emulsion.

This is the standard, and if there are any deviations from these indicators, most likely, this is not a real drug, but a counterfeit one.

Instructions for use

Before you start the treatment of the premises, using the remedy against the bedbugs Get, you need to clean up. You will need to wash the floors, windows, doors and other surfaces that can be treated with a soap solution. This will achieve the maximum effect from the use of the drug.

Now you need to make the substance more liquid. For this, ordinary water is used. The ratio of it to the substance is 10: 1. If the room where decontamination is to be carried out is too cluttered or there are a lot of bugs scattered, the concentration can be increased by taking water not 10 parts, but less. For example, 1: 8 or 1: 6. To spray the insecticide, a sprayer is used. This can be a conventional atomizer or a professional device.

During the spraying it is necessary to use protective equipment - gloves and a dressing of gauze and cotton wool. In addition, the top of clothing should be with long sleeves, and trousers - completely hide your legs.

Apply the Get product from the bedbugs to the following places:

  1. Frames of windows and doors.
  2. Cabinets.
  3. Boxes.
  4. Bed frames.
  5. Surfaces inside the sofas.
  6. Switches.
  7. Sockets.
  8. Plinth.
  9. The surface is behind the pictures.
  10. Other places where bugs can live.

But here to put means Get from bedbugs on toys, subjects of clothes, a pillow of sofas and other similar places it is inadmissible. If, during operation, the insecticide has got on the skin, it should be washed off immediately.

Determination of the required amount of insecticide

How much money will be needed depends on how much housing is infected with insects. Usually for one-two-bedroom apartment is used one, a maximum of 2 bubbles. If necessary, the amount of the drug will need to be increased.

If the degree of infection is low enough, then one bottle will be enough.

The second degree is the presence of a small number of bites on the body of the tenants. In this case, the remedy for cockroaches and bedbugs Get must be taken in the amount of one bottle for one or two rooms.

At the third degree the number of bites is already more significant, and the most insects can already be found in the bed. Then, to process a two-room apartment, you need 2 bubbles of substance.

If bedbugs attack even in the daytime - this is already the 4th degree of infection, and an insecticide should take a minimum of 3 bottles.

In addition, the amount of preparation necessary for processing depends on the size of the housing - the more it is available and the more premises there are in it, the more amount of the drug will be needed for spraying.

If treatment is carried out for the purpose of prevention, which usually occurs when insects have appeared in a neighboring apartment, and the possibility of unwanted tenants appearing is quite large, it is necessary to use the minimum amount of the drug. Then from 6 to 9 months you can not be afraid of infection - it is during this period that the Get tool from the bedbugs will remain active.

If at least one bug from the neighboring dwelling gets into the treated apartment, there is a possibility that their number in the neighboring apartment will also decrease, although insignificantly.

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