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Public associations as an indicator of the democratic power

What organizations can be considered public associations


Public associations are a voluntary union of citizens established by law, which have common interests, spiritual and other intangible needs. The bodies representing the state power and the bodies exercising local self-government can not establish, become members and participants in such associations.

The right to establish public associations is obtained both by legal entities representing various public associations and by individuals who, having convened a meeting or congress, elect governing, controlling and auditing bodies, and also approve the charter. Members of such an association may become on a voluntary basis other public unions, individuals who have submitted an application or have issued other necessary documents. Freedom of association guarantees the principle of voluntariness in the institution and activities of public associations . None of the citizens can be forced to join these organizations, and stay in them.

Citizens are also given the following rights in the creation of public associations:

- establish them without obtaining prior authorization from local and state bodies;

- to join them in compliance with the adopted charter.

Established public associations can be registered, while obtaining the rights granted to a legal entity, and it is possible to operate without registration, without being a legal entity.

Forms of public associations - organizational and legal


Today, Russian public associations are represented by such legal and organizational forms:






Self - activity body.

As political public associations such forms as public organization and movement act.

What public associations function in the Russian Federation

Created and acting to date, such public associations in Russia , which are represented by local, regional, interregional and all-Russian associations.

All-Russian associations carry out work in the territory belonging to more than a half of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and created representative offices, branches, offices or organizations there.

Inter-regional are such associations that operate in the territory belonging to less than half of the subjects of the federation and opened representative offices, branches, offices or organizations there.

Regional associations are considered regional, performing their functions on the territory of one of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Local associations are those whose activities are distributed within the territory subordinate to the bodies exercising local self-government.

On the basis of what relations of public associations and the government


From what relations the state and public associations are in , the level Democratic power. If public associations are provided with free functioning, independence and state bodies cooperate with them, such a state can be considered democratic.

Relations between the state and public associations are characterized by bilateral cooperation. On the one hand, the state establishes the rights granted to public associations, the scope of their activities and powers. In turn, associations participate in the life of the state, determining its policies and controlling the work of various bodies. Public organizations in the Russian Federation are active participants in election campaigns, they also organize and conduct demonstrations, rallies, street processions.

There are three key areas in which the state and public associations cooperate:

1) the state provides public associations with information on the state of affairs in various areas of public life, as well as on those decisions that are taken by state bodies;

2) cooperation of the state and associations in making decisions related to the election campaign, health protection, environment, labor, public order, historical monuments, architecture and culture;

3) joint activities in the field of lawmaking and lawmaking.

The functioning of public organizations can be suspended as a result of self-dissolution or in connection with a court decision.

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