"Dimethyl phthalate" - what is it? How to use the medication?

Quite often in our time there is such a disease as a nail fungus. They suffer thousands of people, the symptoms of the disease give the person a lot of trouble and discomfort. On the pharmaceutical market there is a huge number of drugs that treat all types of mycoses. But sometimes even the most expensive drugs do not lead to recovery. Quite good remarks can be heard about the product "Demethylftalate". Instruction, features of the application - all this information can be learned from the article.

Basic information

The drug is a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a pleasant odor. It mixes very well with alcohol and other organic compounds. Bad composition is combined with mineral oils and water. A remedy is available in the form of pastes or pure solution. The liquid is most often packed in glass bottles of 100 or 250 ml. The drug for the treatment of fungus is applied to a cotton swab and is applied to the affected area. The dermatologist will tell you all the necessary information about the "Dimethylphthalate" remedy - what is it, how to use the drug, etc.

Medication is often prescribed to people suffering from fungal diseases of the skin. This drug is used in conjunction with other antifungal agents. With mycosis, "Dimethyl phthalate" is widely used. What kind of ailment, the experienced doctor will tell. In addition, the liquid helps to avoid infection by various infections from insects. Medication can be used as a preventive measure during trips to nature in the summer.

Application Features

The drug has a chemical composition that repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies. In most cases, the area is lubricated with a solution, which is open and prone to bites. This is the neck, arms and legs. The effect lasts for 5 hours. For man this liquid is absolutely safe.

Very well, the agent acts on the nails and skin that are infected with the fungus. As part of complex therapy, the "Dimethyl phthalate" agent can be used. The medication price is low. For one packing it is necessary to pay about 500 rubles.


When studying the fluid, scientists came to the conclusion that the drug, which includes phthalates, has a detrimental effect on DNA. It is forbidden to apply to pregnant and lactating women. Bad stuff acts on the male genitalia, so you can not use the drug "Dimethyl phthalate" for boys. A pharmacy is a place where an experienced pharmacist should tell you in which cases the medication should not be used. In extreme cases, you can study the instructions for use.

Recipes from fungus on the basis of "Dimethylphthalate"

The liquid for removing the fungus is prepared according to a special recipe. In equal proportions, acetic acid, sunflower oil and "Dimethyl phthalate" are rushed. What is this solution? All these components favorably affect the skin. However, you should not start treatment yourself. It is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand. The resulting mixture must be stored in the refrigerator.

During the week it is worthwhile to conduct therapeutic procedures. On clean and washed feet it is necessary to apply the medicinal compound, put a gauze napkin on top, put on cotton socks and a packet of cellophane. Thus, it will be possible to create a greenhouse effect. The main active ingredient will be "Dimethylphthalate". What is this recipe? Such a solution treated the fungus in ancient times. The medicine is used today. To many people, "Dimethyl phthalate" helped to get rid of the infection on the nails.

Side effects

In very rare cases, the drug may cause an allergic reaction. It manifests itself in the form of a rash and itching on the skin. If you have symptoms, you need to wash off the liquid and drink an antiallergic. It is desirable to apply the substance in gloves. After use, wash hands thoroughly.

Do not eat while handling the drug. If liquid accidentally gets on the mucous membrane or in the eyes, immediately wash it off with running water. Before use, it is worth to carefully study all side effects of the "Dimethylphthalate". The manual contains all the necessary information on the use of the drug.

Application in animals

Widely used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of animals from ticks, fleas and gummies is the preparation "Dimethyl phthalate". The instruction indicates that a pure solution or a mixture based on the drug can be used. The medication is applied to the animal's coat, then it is well washed with water and soap.

The product is not absorbed into the blood, but only accumulates in the hair, the hair bulb and has a long insecticocaricidal effect. Many veterinarians prescribe "Dimethyl phthalate" for the prevention of fleas and lice in animals. The price for this liquid is quite democratic.

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