Andrei Kislov, son of Polina Gagarina and Pyotr Kislov

Andrei Kislov only 9, and while he is not famous. Interest in his personality is associated with stellar parents, thanks to which Ondric (the name on the web) has his own fan club. His father is an actor Pyotr Kislov ("1612: The Chronicles of the Time of Troubles", "The Psyche", "Love.Ru"), mother - singer Polina Gagarina, winner of the "Star Factory-2" and the finalist of "Eurovision" (2nd place in 2015-m).

Andrei Petrovich Kislov: appearance in the world

The boy's parents met when the singer was a student of the Moscow Art Theater, and Kislov had already helped the mentor of the course - Igor Zolotovitsky. The novel developed rapidly. Soon a 19-year-old girl reported pregnancy. The wedding took place in 2007, and after two months the couple had their first-born. A joyful event occurred in October, 14th. The name was chosen according to the saints. The couple agreed: if a girl is born, it will be Gagarin, the boy Kislov. So the name problem was solved - Andrey Kislov.

For the family began difficult times. The newlyweds were renting housing on Krasnoselskaya Street, the mother of the baby continued to study, and with the child she had to sit with her father, who was forced to leave the Moscow Art Theater and concentrate on the film career. Only at the age of 8 months did the baby have a nanny. Both temperamental, the couple often quarreled. Everyone in his career was not very successful. In 2010, the couple divorced, which was the logical conclusion of the conflict between two talented individuals who did not want to yield to each other.

After the divorce, Andrei Kislov stayed with his mother, and his father only worried about one that they would not be allowed to meet. But that did not happen. The former spouses continue to communicate well, and at the Eurovision the son who accompanied her to Vienna, the new husband and Peter Kislov, was most affected by the singer.

Today's Day

In 2013, Polina Gagarina met with photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. A year later, the couple signed. Iskhakov is a calm and very homey person. Andrey Kislov considers him his adult friend, they have excellent relations. Appeals to him a boy by name. They are seen regularly with their father. In the intervals between filming, he takes his son for 2-3 days in his bachelor apartment.

Six-year-old Andrei Kislov took part in the fashion show for the first time, which was held in GUM. He showed children's clothes at the Bosco Bambino show. Mom was proud of her son, who felt absolutely uninhibited on the podium. The boy is in grade 3, loves tennis and goes to music school. In 2016, talk about the possible participation of Andrei Kislov in the project "Voice. Children ", but so far he only starred in the video for the song of Polina Gagarina" Become the Sun ". The family is expected to replenish and, possibly, this is due to his absence in season 4. Still ahead.

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