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Diverticulosis of the intestine - symptoms, treatment

Diverticulums are congenital or acquired protrusions of the intestinal wall, but most often they appear in the large intestine, namely in sigmoid and straight. Diverticulosis of the intestine is the formation of the described diverticula, its occurrence is greatly influenced by the genetic predisposition of a person.

Diverticulosis of the intestine can provoke the following factors:

- increased intestinal intracavitary pressure, which arises from excessive gassing, which is a consequence of fermentation or putrefactive processes in the intestine, as well as a lack of coarse food in the diet;

- Possible inflammatory processes in the intestine, for example, chronic enterocolitis or ulcerative colitis;

- is also adversely affected by a sedentary lifestyle and other conditions.

Diverticulosis of the intestine - symptoms

If you have an uncomplicated diverticulosis of the intestine, then the symptoms of this disease you will not feel. When the disease develops, patients are often accompanied by frequent abdominal pains, there may be a fairly long stool retardation, a rumbling in the abdomen and an increased swelling. Also one of the symptoms is a disorder of the nervous system, which will be expressed in the presence of a depressed state, increased fatigue, and irritability, and a person does not sleep well. All these troubles are a consequence of the accumulation of undigested contents of the intestine in the diverticula. After that, the putrefactive processes are rapidly developing, accompanied by the release of a huge number of various toxic substances that are spread through the blood throughout the body.

In the majority of patients, diverticulosis of the intestine is accompanied by pain in the left side of the abdomen, a disorganization of the body works, which is accompanied by either constipation or vice versa, there is a significant increase in body temperature.

Diverticulosis of the intestine - treatment

The most effective prevention of this disease is to eliminate or minimize the factors that contribute to the appearance or progression of diverticulosis. It consists in conducting an active way of life, which implies compulsory sports. All game sports, hiking, gymnastics, and swimming increase intestinal tone. As a result, his motor activity is normalized. If you already have or have had problems with the intestines, special attention should be paid to the treatment of constipation and diarrhea, not only for preventive purposes, but also as one of the methods for treating diverticulosis.

If you follow a certain diet, you will not tolerate an increase in intracavitary pressure and, thus, minimize one of the main factors causing this disease.

If you suffer from chronic inflammatory processes in the intestine, then, by treating them, you prevent atrophy of the intestinal wall and thereby protect it from the formation of diverticula.

It is very good to fight sanatorium treatment with diverticulosis of intestines. Here you will be provided with a large list of procedures, special attention should be paid to washing the intestines with herbal decoctions and intestinal showers, and a good effect is provided by mud therapy and various physiotherapy procedures. It is strictly forbidden to conduct sanatorium treatment for those patients who have a phase of exacerbation of the disease.

Diverticulitis is usually effectively treated in a hospital setting. If you have a complex form of the disease, you can decide on the need for surgery, but this is an extreme measure and usually it does not reach it.

Remember that the intestine not only digests the food you eat, but also contains a diverse microflora that plays a major role in ensuring your immunity. Always keep an eye on his work and take the smallest possible disruptions, and this will be the best prevention of the occurrence of diverticulosis of the intestine.

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