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The most effective lipid treatment

Lipoma is a fat formation located under the upper skin layers. Many people face this problem, and in most cases, adolescents become the object of concern and, of course, the cause of psychological complexes. Therefore, many people are interested in the question of whether lime treatment is possible and in what way it is carried out.

Is Lipoma Dangerous?

Lipoma is a benign neoplasm consisting of fat cells. In addition, the wen has a very strong connective tissue membrane. Fortunately, most often such a tumor does not pose a serious threat to human life and is perceived only as a cosmetic defect.

Nevertheless, experts argue that treatment with lime is simply necessary. The fact is that such education has a tendency to constant, and sometimes rather rapid growth. Increasing the size of the wen will lead to the stretching of the skin or the walls of the organs (often the lipoma is formed in the intestines, lungs, etc.), and pressure on adjacent structures. For example, often such a neoplasm constricts blood vessels, which interferes with normal blood circulation, or nerve endings - in such cases, patients suffer from recurring pains.

In addition, people with similar subcutaneous formations need to undergo a complete examination - only after this can begin treatment with lime. After all, without the results of biopsy and cytological studies, one can not be sure that the tubercle under the skin is really a fatty, not a malignant tumor.

Surgical treatment with lipomas

In fact, conservative methods rarely lead to an improvement in the condition. Therefore for today the only effective method of treatment is the removal of the wen. If the lipoma is small, then it is removed under local anesthesia. Nevertheless, subcutaneous adipose often grows very often - in some cases, their diameter may exceed 12 centimeters. In such cases, an operation is performed under general anesthesia. The shortcomings of this technique include a long rehabilitation period, the risk of infection of the wound, as well as the presence of a scar. That is why, to date, new methods of removing fat worms are being actively developed .

Laser Treatment of Lipoma

Laser therapy is in great demand and is often used in modern medicine. Unfortunately, with the help of laser equipment, you can remove only small adolescents. Nevertheless, this technique has many advantages. To begin with, it should be noted that the procedure is contact-free - the laser immediately cauterizes damaged vessels and destroys pathogenic organisms, which reduces the risk of infection, inflammation and bleeding to almost zero. In addition, the skin remains barely noticeable traces, the wound heals quickly, and there is practically no need for a long rehabilitation period.

Lipoma treatment at home

Traditional medicine offers a lot of funds that help in the treatment. Nevertheless, you can begin some independent procedures only after a medical examination - first make sure that you have a lipoma on your body. Useful compresses are considered to be from fresh crushed leaves of mother-and-stepmother, which must be done thrice a day until the wen will not disappear. In addition, you can mix an equal amount of vodka and honey and process the affected area of the skin.

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