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Insecticides are the worst enemies of insects!

Today, when fighting pests, all methods and means are good. Special attention should be paid to insecticides.

This kind of chemical means are intended for direct protection of plants from insect pests. As a result of their application, larvae and oviposition of parasites are also destroyed. Some drugs are designed to combat human parasites: nematodes and mites.

There is a huge amount of insecticides, which differ in their properties, ways of penetrating the body of the parasite. So, isolate contact, intestinal and systemic drugs.

Contact insecticides destroy insects when they are in direct contact with a chemical substance. They are able to protect plants only in the part where it is applied. The rest of the plot, left untreated, is attacked by pests. The main disadvantage of this type of drugs is a decrease in the effectiveness of plant protection after precipitation.

An insecticidal agent of the intestinal type, entering the body of parasites, leads to their death. This substance acts in the body of an insect while eating a processed plant. Within a few hours the pests are dying.

Systemic insecticides, penetrating the vascular system of plants, affect pests during nutrition. This type of chemical is rightfully considered the most effective, because they are quickly absorbed by the plant itself and, being inside, do not depend on the weather.

Despite the fact that insecticides are divided into groups depending on the nature of their effects, most of them simultaneously infects insects in several ways. In addition, there are tools that can immediately destroy several different types of pests. Such chemicals are called "continuous insecticidal preparations."

There is a classification of insect control products depending on their chemical composition. Allocate: preparations of sulfur, organic chemical compounds, plant poisons (those that contain alkaloids, mineral oils, etc.). Depending on the amount of ingredients that make up the composition, simple and complex preparations are also distinguished.

A separate group are natural insecticides. They got their name because they mainly use natural ingredients. For example, many gardeners note the effectiveness of the use of this chistel. On the bucket of solution, several whole plants are needed, which are finely ground and insisted for 2-3 days. The resulting concentrate is lubricated by damaged caterpillars and aphids and shoots and leaves of crops.

The main advantage of using insecticides of natural origin is safety for people. But, like all drugs, they also have their shortcomings. So, for one procedure, a large volume of solution is needed, which is quite costly with frequent treatments.

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