Classics of Men's Perfume - Dior Fahrenheit

It is believed that in the world of perfume fragrances from home Dior occupies a selective niche. Such a statement is just like any other, just remember the classic Poison, Eau Sauvage, Miss Dior and, of course, the famous Dior Fahrenheit.

The third, but truly male

Among fans of vintage perfume there is an opinion that Fahrenheit is the second man's fragrance from the famous house. This is not so, his predecessor was Jules, which recently remembered only connoisseurs of the world of fragrances. It came out in the distant 1980. Eight years after its creation, the designers of the perfume line of the fashion house presented a truly true male fragrance - Dior Fahrenheit.

The authorship of Fahrenheit toilet water belongs to the most talented perfumers - Maurice Roger and Jean-Louis Sézac. Owners of the house of Dior have set before them the task of making such a fragrance that will win the hearts of both men and their beautiful ladies. With what they managed in just two months, creating a "flaming" cocktail of the quintessence of a strong nature.

The first flower man's composition

It seems that the perfumers, creating Dior Fahrenheit, set out to shock the gentlemen. Roger and Sesak in the basis of this legendary fragrance put a floral bouquet, surrounded it with wood and musk groups.

In the first acquaintance with the aroma, the smells of hawthorn, bergamot and its citrus "brethren", mandarin, chamomile, lavender, white cedar and nutmeg are clearly heard . And it is impossible to understand what is prevailing, - refreshing notes of citrus or spicy echoes of musk.

The fragrance opens very quickly, enveloping its owner with a complex bouquet of lily of the valley, honeysuckle, cloves, jasmine, violet leaves and lily of the valley. The composition of the heart is wrapped in a shell of sandalwood sounding and flavored with nutmeg. About himself, the fragrance of a true man leaves memory with a combination of thin beans, leather, changeable patchouli, vetiver, spicy, maddening musk and amber.

Needless to say, such a complex composition is revealed in its owners in completely different ways. On some, it is kindled by the fire of a volcano, others enveloped by the breath of ice.

Unfortunately, the classic Dior Fahrenheit stopped producing due to the ban on certain substances that make up its composition. But enterprising creators of aromas decided to supplement the Fahrenheit line with stylish variations on the theme.

Continuing the glorious traditions

In 2009, the designers of the aromas of the house of Dior presented the men with the new fragrance Dior Fahrenheit Absolute. This is not so much an updated in connection with the need for flavor, this is the flip side of the classic perfume. He carries away with him on a hot hot night, he is for those men who are not afraid to show their essence. Eastern notes are closely intertwined in it with woody fragrances. In contrast to its predecessor, the notes of a wood fire are leading, pushing away the classic flower-citrus composition.

In addition to the Absolute perfumers in 2011 produce the opposite flavor - Dior Aqua Fahrenheit. It is an explosion of ocean water at the time of the eruption of the volcano, it is a man at the peak of a passionate, almost animal love. Designers of aromas again returned to the classic combination of citrus, woody and floral notes, but significantly changed its components. Citruses "Italian boots" are in the lead in the upper notes, the heart of the composition is woven from basil, violet and blue mint. In memory, a beloved true man will remain notes of vetiver Haiti and skin.

Both fragrances have won favor with critics and success with the public, becoming a worthy continuation of Dior Fahrenheit.

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