"Fitness Body": reviews. The Fitness Body series from Floresan (Floresan)

How to lose ten kilos a week? Colorful web pages are full of wonderful stories of getting rid of excess weight, and before and after photos are forced to believe in the power of this or that fashionable means for losing weight.

Quickly, without restrictions in eating and playing sports, it is impossible to lose hateful pounds. An understanding of this comes to all, sooner or later. No anti-cellulite serums and creams will return a slim figure, if you continue to lie on the couch and eat pies with cakes.

Cosmetic drugs will become your allies only in the case of dietary adjustments and minimal physical exertion. In addition, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive scrubs and creams. Read about the "Fitness Body" tip, and anyone, and you will realize that an effective tool can cost quite a bit.


Reviews on affordable prices and excellent quality of cosmetics Floresan is available at almost every women's forum and news portal.

For 15 years now, the representatives of the fair sex are pleased with Floresan products. Cosmetics are sold on the Russian market, as well as in Eastern Europe, the CIS and the Baltic States. The enterprise is proud of the full cycle of production:

  1. The first stage is the development of a unique recipe.
  2. Then the novelty is launched into production, and in parallel they create a stylish design and think through the packaging.
  3. And, finally, through the dealers and general distributors, the cosmetic drug gets to the market.

You can buy Floresan funds in supermarkets of Auchan, Utkonos, Seventh Continent, Magnit, Perekrestok, Atak, Avoska, Monetka, Zelgros and Karusel. A huge selection of products you will find in the stores "Moscow goods", located near the metro stations "Semenovskaya" and "Paveletskaya." The official website of the factory presents a full list of partners in Russian cities, as well as importers in the CIS and Baltic countries.

Leader of sales

The assortment constantly grows, but already now the company is ready to offer about 500 names of various means representing about 45 cosmetic lines, and here are just some of them:

- a sun-protective line "Africa Kids";

- Deep Depil for depilation;

- men's collection For Men;

- Organic foot care;

- Organic hands care;

- Organic SPA;

- Bio Plast.

However, the most popular was and remains the "Fitness-Body" series, the main purpose of which is complex skin care, as well as combating cellulite and preventive effects.

With the constant use of cosmetic preparations, the skin is leveled, it becomes more elastic and smooth, the fat deposits are reduced and the silhouette acquires attractive outlines - exactly such promises are given to us by experts who developed the Fitness Body. The response of not one charming customer confirms the stated effect. Let's get acquainted with the "magic" cosmetics.

Hot pepper

The glory of red pepper is legendary, because this is one of the most effective means in the fight against excess weight. Capsaicin in red pepper helps to suppress appetite and speeds up metabolism. The easiest way is to add seasoning to different dishes, but not all like spicy food. In addition, special drops and tinctures with red pepper are sold in pharmacies.

Losing weight with "peppercorn" is contraindicated in diseases of the digestive tract, and infatuation with condiments can negatively affect your health. Therefore doctors unequivocally do not recommend such way of parting with hated kgs.

Alternatively, you can use cosmetic preparations with the addition of red pepper, which you can easily find in the series "Fitness-body."

Hot Scrub

The formula of hot body scrub is strengthened with essential oil of cinnamon and extract of red pepper. Two of these components warm up the surface of the skin and increase blood circulation. Caffeine accelerates the metabolism of fat cells, and diatoms make the skin more elastic and smooth.

Experts "Floresan" advised to apply the drug 1-2 times a week. Massage movements, apply a scrub to the problem areas, and then rinse with warm water. The buyers note a pronounced heating effect. After the first application, the skin becomes incredibly tender, and the persistent smell of cinnamon makes the procedure more pleasant.

Hot oil

Scrub is a preparatory step to a subsequent massage, which also should be done with the use of one of the anti-cellulite products. Ideal is "Hot oil with cinnamon and coffee."

The effectiveness of cosmetics for the body with the extract of red pepper proves the reviews of girls and women. But are there any contraindications to the "burning" means of "Fitness Body"? Hot scrub and hot oil is not recommended for allergy to one of the components, pregnancy and varicose veins. Owners of thin and sensitive skin also should be cautious about such remedies.

In contrast

The opposite effect promises us another means of "Fitness Body." The recall of one of the fair sex compares his action with a trip to Antarctica. It's about the gel mask "Ice wrap".

What girls and women will not do for the sake of a beautiful figure - even the terrible cold will not stop them on their way to a dream. The high concentration of essential oil of peppermint and menthol in the "Ice wrap" provides a long cooling effect, which in turn leads to the outflow of fluid from the subcutaneous fat layer.

Before applying the gel mask, the skin of the problem areas should be well cleaned with a scrub. Then apply a dense layer on the wet surface. After 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water and a massage towel. Carry out the procedure "Ice wrap" preferably not more than twice a week.

Judging by the reviews, to sustain half an hour in the cold is capable of not every girl. Many advise to warm woolen socks or make a hot foot bath. However, it is much more effective during the procedure to go in for sports, for example, pedaling on an exercise bike.

In addition, unlike pepper means "Floresan", cosmetics with menthol and mint will not harm with varicose veins.

Little assistants

According to the customers' opinion, not all the products of the Fitness Body series are highly effective. Scrub-gel for the shower will prepare the skin for further struggle against cellulite, however, as an active agent, it is not able to perform.

The effect of micromassage provides crushed shells of pine nuts. It removes dead cells and improves blood circulation. A well-defined gel-scrub formula prevents dry skin.

Another shower product from the "Fitness-body" series is the "Heat-cold" gel. The contrast effect is provided by the extract of pepper and menthol. This pair has a drainage effect, promotes the cleavage of fat cells, refreshes and gently cleanses the skin.

Heavy artillery

As you know, there is no better ally in the fight against cellulite than massage. The above mentioned means are an excellent basis for carrying it out. However, this procedure should also be supplemented with an effective cosmetic preparation.

Anti-cellulite drainage cream "Fitness Body" won the unconditional recognition of fans of the brand Floresan. Testimonials are the best proof that he works.

In the "main roles" are already familiar to us extract of red pepper, essential oils, mustard grains and nicotinic acid. Due to the complex effect, the surface of the skin is heated, the excess fluid is removed from the subcutaneous fat layer, and the circulation of blood is accelerated. Additional ingredient - caffeine stimulates metabolism.

Anti-cellulite cream "Fitness Body" makes the massage procedure even more effective. Its regular application 3-4 times a week corrects the figure and reduces the "orange peel". The opinions of the fair sex representatives speak about the pronounced thermal effect, so it will not be superfluous to wrap the problem areas with film after the procedure and wrap up the blanket for another 20-30 minutes.

Gift from the Dead Sea

The use of water and mud of the Dead Sea is no secret to anyone. Hot mud packs dilate the vessels and warm the tissues well. Intensive sweating leads to the fact that through the open pores the contents of fat cells gradually extend to the surface of the skin.

"Mud Thermo Mask for problem zones" - perhaps the most popular means of the "Fitness Body" series. The active thermocomplex includes caffeine, a hot pepper extract and nicotinic acid, and the mask is made up of Dead Sea mud.

To apply the cosmetic means, no wrapping with a film is required. It is enough to apply a thermal mask on the skin with a thick layer and wash off after 15-20 minutes. Finish the procedure will help cream-active from cellulite from the new series "Bitter Chocolate" or gel "Fitness Body." The reviews confirm the effectiveness of such an integrated approach.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most of the opinions about the means of the "Fitness-body" series are positively evaluated. The representatives of the fair sex note the following advantages:

  1. Packaging. Quite simple, but still catchy design allows you to easily identify the treasured bottles on the store shelf. In addition, the volume of 500 ml is ideal for home use, and small tubes are convenient to carry, for example, in fitness.
  2. Price. In contrast to the highly advertised anti-cellulite drugs produced by foreign manufacturers, the "Fitness Body" series attracts a low cost. Large banks of thermo-masks, wraps or scrubs will cost 250 rubles, and for creams and gels you will give no more than 150 rubles. Prices are on the official website, where you can also order products.
  3. Efficiency. As we have already said, the basis for correcting the figure should be proper nutrition (or at least restrictions in the usual diet) and minimal physical activity. Only in this case you will notice the result from the application of scrubs, wraps and creams.

For the sake of justice, we note that not all customers like Floresan products. The main disadvantage is the composition, where not only natural components are present. Well, then you need to switch to products grown in your own garden, or instead of shampoo use a decoction of chamomile. In the modern world there are no products where complex chemical compounds would not have been encountered, and it is time to reconcile with this.

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