How to determine your color appearance?

Each person has given nature a certain color, which is characterized by the color of the eyes, hair, lips, skin. Features of a combination of these shades make color appearance. For the first time the theory of color types was formulated by Johannes Itten, a Swiss artist. According to it, people are divided into four types, corresponding to the seasons: "Spring", "Summer", "Winter", "Autumn". In the spring and In the autumn, warm colors prevail, and in summer and winter - cold colors. Differences in the gamma of warm or cold colors are determined by the color contrast. For example, the winter blue is more saturated, clear, bright, rather than a muted summer. Knowledge of this theory can be useful in creating an individual elegant image, when choosing cosmetics and clothing.

You can determine the color appearance of your appearance yourself by conducting a series of observations. First of all, it is necessary to find out what tone prevails in your natural color: warm or cold. Help in this will help the colored paper or fabric of certain shades. The first sample should be cold (bluish-pink). The second one is warm (yellowish-salmon-pink). In daylight, alternately hold the samples to your hands and face.
If the fabric of cold tone makes the skin of the face pale, lips acquire a blue tint, and with a "warm" sample the skin seems fresh and healthy, then your color Appearance - spring or autumn.
If your skin becomes fresh with a bluish-pink cloth, and the yellowish-salmon makes the face tired and highlights the circles under the eyes, then you belong to the summer or winter color of the exterior.

Having decided with a tone, it remains to find out its contrast. Among the spring shades, yellow predominates. His cheerful colors are distinguished by brightness. The autumn scale is based on red, therefore, the colors will be more saturated, heavy, contrasting, earthy. For summer shades, a light, washed out, muted blue subtle is characteristic. In winter colors, blue also predominates, but it is brighter and clearer.

If your color appearance is spring - you have a pale, transparent skin, a warm peach blush, a golden hair color. Choose clothes warm, tender pink and pastel shades. Avoid dark and dazzling white tones.
The summer color appearance is represented by people with ashy or light-brown hair, light skin with olive or pink hue, blue, gray-green eyes. They are recommended to use blue, purple, plum, crimson, pink. Black and gray tones are better to exclude.

Autumn color is the people with red hair, brown, green, gray-blue eyes, with ivory skin. Their main gamut in clothes should be represented by warm colors: yellow-brown, apricot, brick, orange and khaki.

The winter color appearance is represented by dark-haired and dark-eyed people with light (sometimes slightly swarthy) skin. They are suitable cold, but saturated colors, any shades of pink, black and white.

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