The best drops from mites for dogs: recommendations and advice

Every person who has a dog, worried about the question: "How to protect your pet from ticks?" This is quite an actual problem, which is solved by means of various preparations (ointments, aerosols, drops, collars). For treatment and prevention, most veterinarians prescribe drops from mites for dogs. Their choice is great, and today we will identify the most effective drugs that help get rid of parasites.

Valuable information

Do you know that ticks feel the animal at a distance of 1.5 m? They "go" on the emitted carbon dioxide. According to experts, the peak of parasitism occurs in the spring and autumn. At this time in veterinary clinics receive about 35% of infected animals. To save the pet from serious complications, it is necessary to carefully inspect the fur coat after each walk and seek help if a tick is identified.

After all, pyroplasmosis is not a harmless disease at all, but a real tragedy that can end for an animal with a lethal outcome. Small bugs that live in the body, feed on red blood cells (up to 50%), drink blood and very quickly multiply, leading the dog to death. That's why the owners must take care of their four-footed friend and buy drops from ticks (for dogs).

Clinical picture

It should be noted that young dogs are more susceptible to the disease than one year old, as well as weakened animals. Pyroplasmosis in the acute stage gives the following symptoms: lethargy, weakness, lack of appetite, strong thirst, rapid pulse, diarrhea. The dog refuses to play games and walks, her temperature rises, she is very feverish. All these signs should alert the owner.

Some drops against mites for dogs here will not help, the help of an experienced veterinarian is necessary. If you start the disease, then it will go into a chronic stage. With this form, significant changes occur in the animal's body: erythrocytes are destroyed and internal organs suffer. When the diagnosis is confirmed, the veterinarian prescribes a number of medications that have an antiprotozoal effect.

Ticks (photos) in dogs: what to treat?

At this time, the only way to prevent the appearance of parasites is thorough protection. It should be borne in mind that these harmful insects adapt to poisonous substances, so you should periodically change the drugs. We call the most effective drops from ticks for dogs:

  • "Frontline" (Frontline) - has an insect-acaricidal effect. Drops are evenly distributed throughout the body of the animal, destroying the parasites. This remedy is not toxic and does not harm the dog. Drip it with a pipette, by dotting the back area. After that, the animal does not bathe for three days. The protective effect of the drug has a month.
  • Advantix - combined drops from mites for dogs, active substances of the drug are permethrin and imidacloprid. Has a mutually reinforcing effect, protects the animal from attacking parasites and destroys insects at any stage.
  • "Leopard" - an inexpensive means for fighting parasitic insects. Its cost is about 40 rubles. Drops have a long repellent effect and can be used to treat animals of different breeds. Protection lasts about four months. For greater effect, combine the drops with the collar.

When detecting ticks, you can pull them out with tweezers, having previously smeared the affected area of the body with alcohol or oil solution. Try to carefully pull out the parasite, the main thing - do not tear off his head, otherwise it will cause an inflammatory process. Treat the wound with an antiseptic.

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