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Bull and Dog: compatibility of men and women on the eastern horoscope

Newly acquainted people hardly think about how compatible they are. They will feel it later, when they begin to meet or even live together. But, according to the eastern horoscope, you can find out this long before that meeting.

How fit are each man and woman, the Bull and the Dog? The compatibility of these two signs can play a decisive role in their relationship, love, marriage and destiny. Let us examine each of these questions in more detail in our article.

General compatibility Bull - Dog (male - female)

The bull and the dog in the oriental horoscope are two completely different in character. But nevertheless, their union is considered one of the most promising. The fact is that the active and restless Dog just does not have enough stability, strong and reliable man's shoulder, which the Bull can give her. And he, on the contrary, is so serious and strict that he lacks some kind of openness and kindness of the Dog.

So, the union of these two signs of the eastern horoscope could be called positive, promising and happy, if not one but. The primacy in such a tandem can only be on the side of the Bull. And if at first the Dog with such a layout may not agree, in due course she will have to reconcile herself with her fate, otherwise such an alliance will fall apart. The only thing that the Dog does not tolerate is a flash of fury from the Bull. This animal can long be kind and affectionate, but only if it does not anger.

Bull and Dog compatibility are good in all respects, but things will not go so smoothly if they do not work on relationships. And the Dog does not always want to ignore his leadership ambitions for the sake of the Bull.

Male-Ox, female-Dog: compatibility in love

The personal relationship of the male Bull and the female dog can be called exemplary, so they harmoniously look together. They have practically no disagreements and quarrels over trifles. An ideal union could be set as an example to the other pairs of the eastern horoscope. But this relationship can also be spoiled by the unreasonable jealousy of the Dog. Male Bull is a reliable, stable and strong person who does not accept adultery from the second half and does not commit such actions himself. Therefore, unfounded accusations on the part of a woman can seriously anger him, and then they will have to cracks in the union of such signs as the Bull and the Dog.

Compatibility in the intimate sense for them is also good. These are ideal lovers who suit each other in every way and do not seek a substitute partner on the side.

Marriage and family

This combination of signs is considered ideal for creating a family. They are able to live together a long and happy family life. The bull will be condescending to the whims of his wife, and the Dog will submit submissively to the leader's character of the Bull. The result of their marriage can be a successful family business and happy children who grew up in stable conditions.

The Bull and the Dog, whose compatibility is considered the best in the oriental horoscope, will get what they longed for in this marriage. The woman will be financially secured and protected by the strong back of the spouse, and the man will receive the respect and comfort that he expects from the family life. In general, this is a good marriage with excellent prospects.

Work and Career

Male-Ox and female-Dog approach each other not only in love. They are also ideal partners. The bull is serious, stable, reliable. He likes to make profitable trades and enjoys a good profit. He ideally solves all financial issues, knows how to manage finances and even can stop the Dog in time, which suffers from excessive waste.

The bull will teach his second half to properly manage the money and save them economically. He knows how much money to invest, what to spend on food, and what - to give to charity. For this, the woman will be only grateful to him, since she does not like to solve financial problems and does not know how. That's how good this compatibility is - the Bull and the Dog. A woman, intelligent and wise, always supports her man in everything. In a career, both partners can achieve good heights, but they are much more attracted by a joint family business.

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