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What can I draw my mother on March 8 on a postcard?

Besides traditional gifts, many make posters, wall newspapers, postcards for their beloved women in their holiday with their own hands. But what can I draw my mother on March 8? The answer to this question, let's look together.

Plots of old postcards

Thinking about what can be drawn to my mother on March 8, many are turning to the legacy of the Soviet past. After all, it was in those years issued a lot of wonderful postcards, of which even now there is something to draw.

Carefully reviewing the many options, you can divide the congratulatory stories into several thematic layers.

Postcards glorifying women's beauty

A symbolic image of a woman's face framed by hair made of flowers, or a series of dancing maidens in fluttering sarafans that seem to make up the figure eight - that's what you can draw to my mother on March 8. "

Babies congratulating mothers and grandmothers

Another winning theme in all ages is children. The artist is pleased to draw them, and the recipient will be happy to receive such a postcard. Therefore, thinking about what you can draw your mother on March 8, you can bravely make a decision - you should depict kids who give their mothers flowers, sing songs or share their favorite toys, even if they are a little broken.

The best gift for every woman is flowers

Everyone knows that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are not indifferent to flowers. Therefore, do not puzzle over how to draw Martha on March 8. You just have to paint a bouquet on paper! Or even a whole field of flowers. Or let the plant grow in a pot on the window.

Artist, who is familiar with this work, to depict flowers will not be difficult. He can easily draw a magnificent rose, and a modest daisy, and a lily blooming lilac, and a timidly yellowing mimosa. However, for some, this process is extremely complex.

But there are such techniques in the visual arts, thanks to which you can draw flowers quite simply. It is not necessary to outline each petal, bother about the imposition of shades, shadows. You can simply achieve the effect of artistic originality interesting solution of the background - several color spots. And already on it contours to represent symbolical outlines of flowers.

You can draw a postcard to March 8 in a "wet" technique. If watercolor or gouache write on water soaked with water, then the objects slightly spread, they do not have precise contours. This is a very interesting technique. Moreover, it allows you to hide some of the shortcomings of the artist's skills.

Animals on Greeting Cards

And if the artist considers the images of flowers on holiday pictures too trivial, then what can you draw on March 8?

Most women are touched by the manifestations of maternal instinct in animals. Perhaps that's why many artists tend to portray animals with cubs on postcards - a winning option.

Master-class drawing postcards by March 8

In the symbolic style, it's pretty easy to make a funny picture. Let's try to draw a postcard to March 8, where the nestlings congratulate their mother.

First, the sheet shows three painted ovals, which will mimic the bodies of the birds.

Now they draw their eyes to birds. These are two circles, white and black inside.

Mom-bird around the eye can make cilia. Let them be in the form of daisy petals. You can also brown all cheeks, drawing red ovals. Orange triangles will simulate beaks.

You can make a beautiful mommy a haircut - twisting hairs on the back of the head. Another recommended to make a bird tail. All birds wear pads. And, finally, the tree trunk is made out with a branch that is horizontal from it, on which the birds are sitting.

Although the Women's Day is celebrated in early spring, when not yet appeared in the middle band of the leaflets, it is possible to draw greens on a tree if desired. Indeed, it is quite possible that these are southern birds, and there they are always warm. You can also add details such as tails to chicks, wings to all birds.

These are the options for hand-drawn cards that experts offer. But only the artists should remember: no matter how high-quality the drawings were made, the most important is how sincerely the greeting card is written, what words the giver will find at the moment of presenting the gift.

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