Treating bite in the eye in various ways

Many simply adore summer time. Heat, vacation, forays into nature - what else do you need? However, a good mood can spoil the bite of the midge in the eye. Treatment in this case is necessary, but not everyone knows how to conduct it. In order to find out, read the article.

Treatment of bite in the eye: symptoms

It is impossible to feel that you are bitten by a midge. This fact can be ascertained only when the first symptoms begin to appear.

At first the bite looks like a small dot of dark red color. Then the eyelids will swell. As a rule, the skin thus acquires a reddish shade. The person bitten by the midge feels a pretty strong pulse under the skin, usually accompanied by pain. Proteins blush.

Very often, due to the swelling of the eyelids, it is impossible to open the eye.

Treatment of bite in the eye: Pharmaceutical preparations

The simplest thing you can do is go to the pharmacy for a special ointment. A good remedy is the hydrocortisone ointment (0.5%). She will cope with edema very well, relieve inflammation and prevent allergies to the poison of midge.

You can also use a special balsam, produced in Vietnam, which is called the "Golden Star".

The drug "Sulfacil" in the form of eye drops will also help to cope with unpleasant and painful symptoms. You can feel that the eye seems to "bake", but it's normal. The drug "Sulfacil" well removes the edema and removes painful sensations.

Not everyone, however, trusts pharmaceutical medicines, so they are looking for folk methods of treatment.

Treatment of bite in the eye: folk methods

First you need to wash the inflamed place with water. It should be room temperature. Movement should be done neat, in no case can not rub eyes. This can provoke the spread of poison and cause even more swelling.

If you have swollen eyes from a bite of midges, be sure to attach ice. One minute will be enough, but for a day this procedure is better to repeat 5 times.

Another great folk remedy is potatoes. You can simply apply it with a cut to the bitten place, and you can grate it and apply it to the eyelid. Hold for about half an hour. If you make such compresses throughout the day (5-6 times), the swelling can go for 24 hours.

Young leaves of bird cherry help to remove the swelling. They need to be sunk and applied to the bite site for 25 or 30 minutes.

Compresses with soda are also excellent. In 100 g of water stir one spoon (without top, tea) of soda. In the resulting solution, moisten the cotton pad and, without pressing, attach to the swollen place. Keep this kind of compress should be about 15 minutes, and do throughout the day - once every 2 hours.

To summarize, it is important to note that treatment of bite in the eye should be performed immediately after the symptoms begin to appear, otherwise the healing process may be delayed. In addition, if your condition has not improved after three days, be sure to see a doctor. However, even if the treatment was successful, and nothing else bothers you, a specialist should still visit because the remnants of the poison can lead to serious consequences.

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