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Fatty guys. The problem of overweight. What leads to overweight and how to deal with it

In modern society there are standards of beauty that make demands not only for women. Perhaps, in some sense, men have to be heavier, because these demands fall suddenly on them, when the situation is so bad that a couple of days for a correction will not be enough. According to the girls, it's the fat guys who often face problems, and it's not just about the fullness, it's about unhealthy obesity.

Why does weight accumulate , how did it happen that a man does not pay attention to accumulating kilograms? In fact, completeness is the final chord in the long chain of changes, so it is worthwhile to sort out all the nuances of the problem.

Severe male problem: obesity

According to statistics, about one and a half billion people in the world are overweight, of whom about 35% are obese. The average fat guy has about 10-20 extra pounds, although options are always possible. It should be noted that many problems with weight are exacerbated in pre-retirement age, accompanied by all sorts of diseases, hormonal and endocrine disorders.

About men's obesity, the harder it is to say, the fewer demands are made by the society for male beauty. Indeed, men do not need makeup, they are not often compared with photomodels, and even the three-day unshaven migrated from the sloppy criterion to the category of charisma. However, times change, and equality between the sexes means, among other things, the spread of aesthetic requirements. A well-groomed woman wants to see next to her an equally well-groomed man.

Two types of obesity

There are two main types of obesity, and the heaviest relates just to the so-called obesity by the male type.

If the fat deposits are evenly deposited under the skin, then the extra kilogram is absolutely invisible. Subcutaneous fat is fairly easy to accumulate, in this case it is relatively easy to lose weight.

Obesity by the male type is called the classic "beer belly". Visceral obesity is expressed externally in the bulging belly, fat is deposited on internal organs. In this case, the fat guy looks awkward: the big stomach disharmonizes with comparatively thin legs. Often both types of obesity are combined, and the figure spreads out completely.

Also, nutritionists note different types of localization of adipose tissue in the body. For example, abdominal obesity presupposes the presence of a large amount of fat in the middle part of the body: the stomach, sides, back. This "lifebuoy" looks unesthetically and seriously spoils the mood. Gynoid obesity, when fat tissues develop mainly in the lower part of the body (thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen), is more common in women.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of the "beer belly"?

The propensity to fullness can manifest from the very childhood. About 10% of children are overfed by parents who admire the fat handles and legs, the puffy cheeks of their child. It can be confidently asserted that an unhealthy full child will have serious problems in adulthood. However, visceral obesity appears not only because of possible eating disorders in childhood.

Suppose a man has an extra weight of 10 kg - it's not so much, only the protruding belly gives out. But the fat presses on the internal organs, fills the intra-abdominal cavity. Because of this, internal organs are shifted, squeezed, their normal work is disrupted. And if exercise and diet correction do not help, there are likely problems with the endocrine system and the hormonal background. But while a man does not take himself in hand and turn to doctors, it is unlikely that he will be able to remove the "beer belly".

Psychological complexity of excess weight in men

Despite the fact that society condescends to masculine plumpness, really fat guys experience serious pressure on the psyche. Condescending or mocking looks, outright mockery, own clumsiness - all this creates a kind of vicious circle. And even low self-esteem has nothing to do with it, many quite well-proportioned people do not show self-confidence.

It's hard for a complete man to decide to speak with a woman, the constant expectation of ridicule keeps in suspense. And if you consider that psychological problems in such cases provoke overeating, then you get a classic desperate situation. Tranquility and joy from the absorption of delicious food are short-lived and can not replace other aspects of life, while they give new kilograms, which, in turn, increase psychological problems.

Social causes of male obesity

The reason for critical weight gain by men is also in social unsettledness. Sour and inexpensive food, rich in carbohydrates and fats, is for many a basic diet. With a severe shortage of proteins and vegetable fiber, this completeness gives the person an unhealthy appearance. If in ancient times a fat man was considered rich and beautiful, now the rich people consider it a good idea to invest part of money in creating a beautiful and healthy body. At the moment, fat people are representatives of social strata with inadequate incomes.

A certain influence is also exercised by the patriarchal morality in its worst manifestation. A full woman, most likely, will be called fat, but a full man gets such an epithet as "solid". Men are traditionally forgiven for external imperfection, supposedly they have no time to engage in such nonsense, and a woman should delight her eyes. And then desperate attempts to lose weight begin.

Insidious kilograms

The peculiarity of fatty tissue is that it is easy enough to dial, but to get rid of stocks, you have to go to all sorts of tricks. The body resists, does not want to part with the reserve of nutrients stored in case of unforeseen hungry times. The main causes of obesity, called dieticians, is the wrong combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, improperly selected diets, a large amount of harmful food. However, the main reason remains the simplest energy miscalculation: in order not to grow stout, a person should consume just as many calories as is required to ensure vital activity and all active activities during the day. If the calories are delivered in excess, the extra ones are sent to the fat depot. The insidiousness of excess weight is that it is recruited gradually and almost unnoticeably, so it is impossible to quickly lose weight without risk to health.

Consequences of obesity

The feature of completeness is that it can be both a symptom of the disease, and a cause or even a consequence. As already mentioned above, the fullness can be caused by endocrine and hormonal disorders. If the extra pounds were obtained as a result of overeating and low physical activity, then as a result you can earn problems not only with hormones and the endocrine system, but also with arterial pressure, the circulatory and respiratory system.

The vast majority of people know what leads to overweight - everyone saw dyspnea sweaty fat men, struggling to squeeze into public transport, with stops overcoming the steps. It is difficult to imagine yourself in their place, so everyone thinks: "With me this will never happen, I can stop on time". But at first the jeans become narrow in the waist, then there is shortness of breath, as a rest you just want to lie on the couch. Intimate life also fades.

Concomitant problems

Corpulent physique can not disturb at first, folk wisdom asserts that a good person should be a lot. The known problem of excess weight is a shaken health, but there are also accompanying problems, and sometimes they appear in a very unexpected way.

Many companies invite employees who have a pleasant appearance and have clients to work for them. Even if the fat guys are excellent specialists in their field, potential employers do not see them on representative roles. This is unfair, by and large, the charisma of the build does not depend, as well as the level of communicability, but this is the pattern of the "exemplary man".

What risk fatty guys?

They say that health is the main thing. With this statement it is difficult not to agree, because it is on physical and mental health that the opportunity to function fully in virtually any branch of life. According to statistics, fat people often get sick and die earlier, and the risk of stroke increases at times.

People who suffer from obesity are reduced in efficiency, sociability. The chances of happily arranging their personal lives are getting smaller and smaller, the risk of depression and seclusion increases.

How to get rid of kilograms?

It is usually considered that getting rid of extra pounds is as easy as removing a jacket. However, doctors say that obesity in men should be treated as a complex disease. Diet alone can not achieve sustainable results, while the process of losing weight should improve health, and not cause damage to it.

Forced sports with a large number of extra pounds - it's almost a direct path to traumatology: too much stress on the joints, cardiovascular system. Therefore, you should not try to run the marathon immediately, and start better with long walks. It is necessary to undergo a physical examination and, taking into account medical recommendations, already build a long-term program of losing weight.

A severe degree of obesity suggests that the maintenance of vital activity of such a large and unhealthy body requires a sufficiently large number of calories. Therefore, even a slight decrease in the caloric content of the daily diet leads to weight loss. A small deficit of calories leads to a slow painless weight loss: extra pounds are being drunk for years, so it's impossible to drop them on a magic diet for ten days.

Without haste and serious violence against yourself you need to change your lifestyle, do not chase the record plumb lines. Slowly dumped weight in most cases does not return, much less risk to break and re-eat. If the fullness is a consequence of endocrine diseases, then it gradually passes itself, if you get rid of the main problem - the correct metabolism is renewed, and the body itself strives for harmony.

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