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The most important in meditation for women

How to relieve stress and tension because of the rabid rhythm of modern life? Go out of town, stay in an unfamiliar forest, long to walk along the impassable more often, find a lake, swim in its middle and dive as deep as possible? .. Much easier. To find a lost balance will help meditation. For women, they have their own characteristics. Let's consider them.

Operating principle

Meditation for women is a way to rid thoughts of all unnecessary, intrusive and direct the liberated energy into something useful for the body. At constantly practicing meditation in a short time the strengthening of the nervous system, immunity, increases the ability to enjoy life more.


Scientific studies of meditation for women have confirmed the amazing effect of this technique. It is proved that the heart rhythm, the pressure in the blood vessels are normalized, there is a complete muscle relaxation and the level of the hormone of happiness - endorphin rises.

How to conduct meditation?

  1. For women, the main thing is concentration on the process. It is easiest to reach the desired state alone. The audience here is inappropriate.
  2. Turn on background music. If you do not have one, buy a disc in a specialized store. A modern range of suitable melodies is able to satisfy the most demanding requests.
  3. Lighting should also be muffled and absolutely comfortable. Create a cozy atmosphere for yourself. If you like blue, green, yellow or orange color, or even all together, then you will be pleased to know that they are best suited for lighting the room where you are going to meditate.
  4. The fragrance in the room must also be unusual. With this task, aromatic candles and similar items will best cope.
  5. Think about what you would like to meditate: to attract love, health, money flow into your life? Or maybe today you need meditation for success?
  6. For women, the correct posture (lotus) is not always feasible (especially without preparation and from the first time). Therefore, the main thing in this position is a straight back. It will not allow you to simply fall asleep, and the flow of energy will be evenly distributed. Legs bend comfortably enough, as far as your stretch allows. Over time, you will have the ability to sit down, as it should.
  7. Light a candle. Concentrate on her flame.

Meditation of "forgiving yourself" for women

Excessive self-flagellation, a constant sense of guilt over everything around a woman occurs, not lead to the purification of the soul, but drags into a depressive pool. These processes need to be able to stop in time, if not for yourself, at least for the sake of those who are around, for whom we are responsible. Remember that only a happy person can give joy to others, the unfortunate will pull energy from the environment. Therefore, one of the first meditations that a woman should master is to forgive herself, to allow love to bring order to the soul.

Look at the flame of the candle, pay attention to the quaint dance of fire. Refuse all worldly affairs. Relax. Think about yourself as you would like a loving person to think about you: "I sincerely forgive myself. It's time for love, prosperity and peace ... "

You can not memorize this phrase. The most important thing is to keep this thought in those words and expressions that you most like.

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