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Now we live in a world that is changing very quickly. Even literally 20 years ago, life was completely different. And if you go further and look at life that was 50 years ago, then there will be much more difference. What has changed over this time? Life has become much faster, a person faces more difficulties, life always challenges him. Will it do it or not? Does he have enough strength, skills, experience? Will he find a way out of the circumstances? Stress has become part of our world. We feel the tension almost constantly. The struggle for their happiness and the happiness of their loved ones is not easy for us. We experience stress at work, in the family, in our relationships, raising children. Even when we go on holiday and want to relax, we can face something that will disturb our peace.

Scientists have proven that stress has a negative impact on health. According to a survey of the public opinion fund, 61% of Russians believe that it is the nervous life and stress that undermine their health. Man really needs relaxation, relaxation. Many people are looking for ways to deal with stress. They say that this helps a good sleep, communication with friends, sports, music, creativity, travel. But let's try to understand why stress affects our life so much, why did a person become so exposed to it? Famous psychologists, such as K.G. Jung or K. Rogers in the middle of the last century said that if a person so quickly moves away from himself, so much immersed in the external world and his problems, then eventually he will lose touch with himself, lose contact with his inner world. The outside world can not give a sense of stability, solid ground underfoot, as it is constantly changing and difficult to control. The inner world of man is his home, the sphere of his direct responsibility.

Therefore, many experts say that a good way to deal with stress is meditation . In general, meditation is a fully focused attention to an object. Meditation helps a person to find peace and stability inside, learn to control their emotions and feelings, it ties the person's attention to his inner self. Sant Mat is an ancient science of self-knowledge and meditation on inner light and sound. This meditation, taught by the modern Master Sant Math Sant Baljit Singh, provides an opportunity to know yourself, to develop spiritually, to get rid of fear, anxiety and anxiety.

Why is self-knowledge so important? Hermann Hesse said: "Each of us has only one true vocation - to find a way to ourselves." The stress and stress that a person experiences in the modern world is an indicator that we have forgotten about our "true vocation", have lost the path to ourselves. We have become too attached to the material world and have lost touch with ourselves, as they say "peace only dreams us".

Self-knowledge is a very interesting and useful activity, and the ancient teaching of Sant Mat helps in this, promotes spiritual development and allows you to open the path to yourself.

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