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After 17 years: Nokia will again release the beloved many model 3310

In the already distant 2000 Nokia Company introduced a new mobile phone, called Nokia 3310. This gadget was destined to turn the mobile industry upside down. And recently the world flew sensational news: Nokia 3310 is back!

A ghost from the past or an absolutely new model?

According to the information received, at the next World Mobile Congress, Nokia will demonstrate a whole series of new mobile phones, including the 3310.

So far only the preliminary price of the device is known - about 60 euros. It remains to wait for the presentation and see if the legendary model of the mobile phone has changed, and how much.

In the early 2000s, this mobile phone became a real legend because of its incredible durability and a very long time without recharging. From the fashion Nokia 3310 completely came out only with the advent of models with touch screens.

Perhaps, the updated phone will again become a worthy competitor for smartphones.

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