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Safe Search - Unwanted Material Filter

Safe Search is a useful option in the modern world. Mobile applications and computer browsers can completely exclude from the search the material of questionable content. All that is labeled 18+ and only allowed for adult viewing is hidden automatically. However, such care about our psychological and in some cases mental health is not popular with everyone. It so happens that it is very necessary to find exactly the material that is completely excluded from the search by the security settings.

Caring for children

By its appearance this function, first of all, is due to large companies. Constant legal actions to inflict moral damage, accusations of inciting ethnic hatred, anti-Semitism, racism and even homophobia are all boring for large Internet service providers. Safe search is the simplest solution, thanks to which all such problems have disappeared by the companies themselves.

First of all, this mode protects children from viewing prohibited content. This includes not only frank materials, but also scenes with violence and in some cases even with political propaganda. Such materials are not just hidden, they are completely removed from the search. As long as the SafeSearch mode is active, nothing prevents children from receiving only reliable information.

There are many variations of this function. Safe search is integrated into the programs themselves. Starting with social networks and ending with large browsers. It is everywhere different and has different thresholds of severity. Some applications do not miss even scenes with the advent of weapons, while others, on the contrary, hide only the material of a frank nature. At the same time, they do not hide the material containing scenes of violence.

Taking care of adults

Creating algorithms that would be impossible to disable is a very bad idea. Safe search is designed primarily to protect children from questionable information. At the same time, it is an unpleasant hindrance for adults. The program is not able to understand the age of a person on its search request. However, it shows with pleasure the mechanism of its deactivation on the first request "How to disable safe search?" It is not always necessary to completely disable such protection. Some programs allow you to change the degree of filtering. In other words, the user can determine what material to look at. The most famous Google search engine and browsers from the same company allow you to determine the degree of filtering. The user can choose strict or moderate filtering. It is important to understand that a considerable amount of material is still filtered and disappears.

For those who are not completely satisfied with the filtration, it can be completely removed. In this case, the entire volume of search results will be displayed at the user's request.

Safe search - the difference in details

The function of filtering the material is available for every major social network and every respecting browser. Moreover, exactly the same option exists in mobile versions of popular applications. Even in those that are created by third-party developers. However, it always looks and works differently. How do I remove SafeSearch completely? A single answer to this question simply does not exist. It all depends on where you want to deactivate content filtering. In the Russian social network "VKontakte" it is enough to go into the search settings and remove the corresponding tick. In the Google search engine and browsers from this company, you can also go to the settings and choose one of three options:

  • Moderate filtration;
  • Strict filtering;
  • Completely disable filtering.

Advanced Apps

Increasingly audible about the intentions of companies to completely remove the ability to disable safe search. Especially such positions are intensified in Russian companies. The computer version of the social network "VKontakte" no longer has the ability to turn off the filter. This can be circumvented, but you will have to rewrite part of the code yourself. Not everyone is ready for this.

Mobile devices come to the rescue. Any filters and censorship are disabled on "Android" smartphones. In this case, no problems arise. In the event that official applications prohibit the removal of filters, you can download informal extended.

On any other mobile operating system, you can do the same, including clean and secure search. IPhone works on another system and causes more difficulties. The user will have to spend a little more time searching, but the algorithm here is the same. If you can not disable censorship in the official application, you can always download the unofficial with advanced features.

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