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Details on how to open "iPhone 4"

The popular and respected company Apple produces "iPhone 4" smartphones, which are a fragile thing, and it sometimes happens that they need to replace the back cover. Or you just need to open it to install the SIM card. Then the question arises, how to open "iPhone 4", without damaging the device. To which we will give an answer.

How to open "iPhone 4": details

First of all, turn off the smartphone by pressing the shutdown button, in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences from parsing the device in the active state. The device has a complex electronic device, so anything is possible. On the side of the case there is a switch key, set to silent mode. This must be done in order to remove the cover of the smartphone. At this stage, the preparation of the smartphone "iPhone 4" to perform the operation to separate the basis ends. Next, proceed to the next step of the repair.

Note : Do not forget to wash your hands, because during the process of removing the cover and after it, during the replacement of the battery or SIM card, dirt can get on the internal elements of the smartphone, which can subsequently cause a malfunction. We will not dwell on them.

How to open "iPhone 4": open the lid, unscrew the screws

The operation must be carried out on the table. On the body there are special screws intended for fastening the cover. To parse the device, you need to unscrew it. If we talk about how to open the "iPhone 4" key, we note that it is necessary to act very carefully. Applying moderate efforts. This is necessary not to break the threads on the screws and not to smooth the hats. Before us is the most difficult and most crucial stage of the operation, requiring the greatest concentration and concentration. The most difficult thing is over. Further, we continue to inform how to open the "iPhone 4": the lid is lifted up and we take the smartphone from the table in both hands. Two thumbs are placed on the body. The camera should be in the direction of the fingers. To finally understand how to open the "iPhone 4", extremely gently press a little on the lid and forward movement move it forward. This movement must be made before clicking. Sound means that the clamps located inside the case are disconnected. Next, carefully put the smartphone on the table and go to the next stage of the operation.

The final stage

So, the communicator lies on the table in front of you. For further action, in order to exhaust the question, how to open "iPhone 4", you need to use two fingers - index and large. With their help, the cover carefully, slowly, lifted from the case of the smartphone and put it side by side. Now there is an opportunity to do the actions for which it was necessary to parse the device: replace the battery, change the cover to a new one, rearrange the SIM card, possibly make some repairs or just look inside. Observing this instruction, the user can independently achieve the result without causing any damage to himself or damaging the device. That's all the tips that we wanted to share in this material.

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