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Choosing a phone, tips and tricks

Entering the salon of mobile communication, the first thing we pay attention to is the appearance of the models exhibited. This is quite natural, since visual perception is the most important factor in choosing any product. This is used by many cell phone manufacturers, producing devices with a steep design and with different fashionable twists. Far from the fact that in such a device "filling", and, consequently, the functionality will correspond to a beautiful "wrapper".

In order not to risk, it is better to choose the phone among the models of well-established firms. This is the generally recognized Finnish Nokia, the Swedish-Japanese (became British) Sony Ericsson, the American Motorola. Korean Samsung and LG are also in high demand, besides Samsung has the widest catalog of models. About Chinese Anycool, too, no one speaks ill, but here is an amateur. In general, now about five dozen phone manufacturers - those who have already firmly established themselves in the market, and those who are just beginning to win their place in the sun. The cost of equivalent models of the one and the other is significantly different, since you have to pay extra for the brand and for the quality guarantee.

Selecting for themselves the preferred firms, you need to understand the capabilities of models. The choice of phone should depend on for what purposes it is purchased. If the device is needed for an unearned child (about 8-10 years old) or an elderly person, so that it is possible at any time to find out what is happening to them, it is more reasonable to take the simplest models. Better monochrome, that is, two-color, because they have low power consumption. For the elderly and badly seeing it is desirable to choose a phone with a large font and large buttons. Older children are better off taking phones with a class higher, for example, with games. "Simple" phone for our children is no longer interesting. When choosing a phone with games, you need to specify whether the model supports Java midp, as well as what processor the device has.

If you choose a phone for yourself, and think that it is useful and chatting, and SMS-scribbling, and photos do, and music to download, in short, for everything at once, you need to consider all the characteristics in the complex.

1. What model is the battery, its type, capacity, how many hours the phone can work from charging to charging. Now the batteries are nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion and lithium-based with a polymer. The most common and most expensive lithium-ion. The most voluminous and cheap ones are nickel-metal hydride.

2. Memory. If you expect to download a lot of music, photos and store a lot of information on the phone, you need to choose a cell phone with a memory capacity of at least 3-4 GB. In this case, it is not superfluous to be interested in how much energy it spends. For example, the model Nokia N91, remarkable for all indicators, has a built-in hard drive, so you need to charge such a phone often.

3. The screen. There are several types of screens installed in phones of different classes. Of course, the class is higher and the display is better, regardless of its size. Many are interested in how to choose a cell phone so that they can make high-quality photos. Here, first of all, you need to pay attention to what screen brightness, visibility, how many colors it is capable of displaying, what extension it has. Not the fact that the model with a large screen will be the best.

4. The camera. Now they are installed on almost all models. Well, except protozoa. The difference is that and how these cameras can be removed. Of course, it's better if the phone has a flash and autofocus. And the area of the matrix, that is, the number of megapixels, should be at least 1.3. If it is fundamentally important to get good pictures and make high-quality video, it is better to choose the phone to stop on models with cameras of 2 megapixels and higher.

5. Music. Of course, it's better to take a phone with mp3 support. Sometimes music, but everyone needs it. When choosing a model, you also need to specify what memory it has in it. Also, you need to look at the quality of the speakers and the availability of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the model so that you can download music from other phones, from a computer or from the Internet.

6. The number of SIM cards. Now there are many models in which it is possible to install two SIM cards simultaneously, which is very convenient. Buying such a phone, you need to be interested in how many radio modules there are in it. If there is one, then there will not be much use for two cards. Two operators in the active mode will not be able to work, that is, when a call comes to one number, the second will be unavailable. If there are two radio modules, the signal is received from two operators. One call will be in the active mode, the second in the hold mode.

7. Touch or button. This characteristic is not so important and rather a tribute to fashion than the choice of quality. But still, touch phones are somewhat more convenient to use, although they require special care in handling.

8. Enclosure type. The quality is not affected by this indicator. Here the choice depends on the taste. The greatest demand is for "clamshells", sliders and classic monoblocks. The advantage of the first - the buttons are protected from accidental pressing, the display and the speaker on the top cover. The advantage of the second is a large screen. The dignity of the third is simplicity in circulation.

9. The price. For many, this indicator is decisive. But if you do not have enough money for a good phone, it is better to wait with a purchase and to save some money so as not to take the first one.

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