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Nokia Lumia 535: reviews about the smartphone and its features

Nokia after the acquisition of its giant Microsoft began to work in a completely different format. New models appeared that were operating on the Windows Phone operating system, which received additional demand from the same audience of users who were sick of Android and iOS devices.

One of these smartphones, also functioning on the WP, was the Lumia 535 phone. Reviews about the model have developed very different - from the fact that the device is praised for its excellent design and excellent operation of the operating system (to be precise, the phone has WP 8.1 installed - the most A new version of a favorite OS by many), and ending with the fact that the device is dissatisfied immediately for several reasons.

In order to understand what kind of Lumia 535 is really, in this article we will give its independent description and put an estimate. Also, of course, we will take into account the feedback. Nokia Lumia 535 today will be the subject of our review article.

General characteristics of the device

So, according to official sources, the Lumia 535 model was the first phone Nokia released after it was absorbed by Microsoft. It happened in 2014.

This approach indicates that experts from Silicon Valley have already managed to put their hand to this product. No wonder the phone was released with the newest version of the OS.

In addition to the fact that the phone Microsoft Lumia 535 ( user reviews - a vivid confirmation of this) was positioned as a youth device (with a bright, brilliant and generally attractive design), it also came out with the function of supporting two SIM cards. Such a move clearly points to the expansion of the audience of buyers and to attempts to capture a large part of the market due to more active customers who appreciate the opportunity to be connected in two networks at once. In addition to all this, the phone was positioned as an option located in the highest budget class. Again, the accent was made in such a way on a wide consumer market, and immediately after the release of the Nokia Lumia 535 smartphone. Reviews of those who had already used the model and learned its shortcomings and advantages from their own experience, as well as some information about the model from open sources , We publish in this article.

Open the box

The acquaintance of each buyer with a new smartphone begins with ... the opening of the box. It's one thing to see the device on the storefront, and quite another to come home and realize that your phone is. Then you better understand what the device is.

So, after opening the package, you will see the documentation for the model, the charger with the microUSB cord (not separate, so you will have to separately buy a cord for the connection) and, of course, the device itself. In the eyes can not help but rush a set of additional rear covers, playing the role of covers for the phone. There are only two of them - one acts as the main one (it can be orange, light green, blue or white), and the second one is spare and has a black color. The features of these covers are that the spare is always made with a matte texture, and the main ones (those that are made in bright colors) are glossy. Thus, as the Nokia Lumia 535 DS claims, the manufacturer provides a unique choice of how the device will look.

Design and body of the device

Since we are talking about design, we will reveal this topic in more detail. So, in general, the device is made in the corporate style of Nokia and Microsoft (more precisely, this phone was one of the first "samples" of this style). This means gloss, a large screen, neat square shapes and, of course, bright colors in which the back cover of the device is made.

As for the case, despite the fact that the model belongs to the segment of "budget", as they say about Lumia 535 reviews, the plastic is of high quality, the handset is quite firm and comfortable in the hand. Only some users complained that after the purchase they discovered a strange backlash play. When they replaced it with the second one, which came in the kit, the last one "sat down" perfectly. This indicates that, apparently, some of the panels can go defective. Although they are not sold in official stores, there are a lot of solutions online, for example: auctions, message boards and Chinese stores. There you will find a cover of any color for a decent price.

The body also should be added that the model 535 has side and on-screen keys that are used conveniently, have a smooth and easy move. In order to access the SIM card slot, the back cover and the battery must be removed from the device.

Lumia 535 screen

The device's display deserves special attention. If we talk about it in a physical sense, then, as noted by users who left feedback, Nokia Lumia 535 has an excessively "slippery" screen. Apparently, the reason for this is the use of some special material from which the glass of the smartphone is made. Some users claim that it is convenient and easy to work with; Others, on the contrary, complain of discomfort and unpleasant sensations from touching the display.

Another, rather, shortage of the device is the lack of a special coating of the screen (which is called oleophobic). For this reason, the display always leaves stains and fingerprints.

As for the way our "experimental" Lumia 535 transmits the images, the reviews confirm a high-quality picture and an excellent color rendering. The device is equipped with a 5-inch IPS-screen, capable of transmitting 16.9 million colors with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels.

"Filling" the phone

From the case and the screen, we turn to the hardware characteristic - the "stuffing" of our Lumia 535. Customer testimonials indicate that the phone works smoothly, without delays and hangs (as is often the case with Android devices). Some even call the Windows Phone a competitor to iOS for the reason that the work of all systems is also perfectly optimized here.

According to official specifications, the smartphone costs Snapdragon 200 - a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. The Lumia 535 is offered with 1 GB of RAM.

Judging by such digital indicators, we can assume that the device will not work as smoothly and quickly as, say, the more powerful Lumia 830. Nothing of the kind! As indicated by the Microsoft Lumia 535 DS reviews of people who have tried several different models from this family, the device is in no way inferior to the Lumia 830, because it pulls everything (even the most complex in terms of graphics) games and applications "with a bang."

It can be concluded that the phone's hardware is in order.

Camera for Nokia Lumia 535

Now let's touch on one more important element - the camera, which is equipped with phones of this model.

To be more precise, the cameras for shooting at Lumia 535 are two - main and front. Both have similar characteristics, namely: a resolution of 5 megapixels and a lens capable of taking pictures under a wide viewing angle. With the main camera on the model is also installed a flash that allows you to make excellent photos in the dark or in places with a limited amount of light.

If we talk about the quality of the image, then, of course, for such a small resolution of the matrix, they, as evidenced by Lumia 535 (two SIM) reviews, are acceptable. The peculiarity of them is also that the pictures in the room go much better than on the street. Perhaps the reason for this is the lack of additional lighting sources (sun, glare, and so on). However, if you compare photos with pictures taken by budget Samsung on Android OS, the quality is slightly worse.

The camera for "SELFI" here has a good enough indicator, so nothing bad can be said about it - the pictures (again, as for "SELFI") come out quite tolerable.

operating system

Little is to be said about the new (for most smartphone users) operating system Windows Phone 8.1. According to Microsoft Lumia 535 dual reviews of those who tested this OS, in fact, it does not have many changes in comparison with the previous version. Although in general this system looks more understandable and accessible to the user than those that were presented earlier. At least, how to work with it, even a person who is far from technology can understand.

Some discomfort can be experienced by owners of Android-devices that are accustomed to the broad capabilities of this platform. Let's just say: WP can do almost the same thing, but it's a little more complicated and not so convenient.

A clear example of WP is still more complicated than Android and iOS is the need to connect a Microsoft account. If Google all intuitively understandable - the account can be easily changed during use, then in WP its data must be hammered in the very beginning of work. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to do this in the future, and without that you will not be able to use the functions of the Market.

The praise Windows Phone deserves in the question of response and speed. As mentioned above, the system is sufficiently optimized with the hardware (hardware) of the phone, so no braking and hangs while working with Microsoft Lumia 535 DS (reviews can serve as a confirmation) is not observed.

Sound in the smartphone

The sound quality, which is a smartphone Lumia 535, can be called quite high. It is achieved by the speaker under the back cover. Given the "budget", expect something unusual here, perhaps, not worth it. In general, the volume of Lumia 535 Dual SIM (reviews of most users - a confirmation of this) pleases.

Separately about the sound and music, you should note the procedure for setting the melody as a ring tone. For some buyers, it seems rather complicated. As noted by the manufacturer, on one of the sites with feedback on the model, it's easy: you need to fill the desired melody in the Ringtones folder in the phone directory, then go to the contacts section and set the desired sound to the appropriate contact.

Disadvantages of Lumia 535

So, in general, we have described some of the main points that the user of the Microsoft Lumia 535 (White) phone faces in the work. Feedback from customers about this model helped us to identify the main shortcomings and positive aspects of the phone, and we just collected them and designed them into one article. At the same time, of course, all the nuances could hardly be taken into account, so the emphasis was on the overall picture.

Let's start with the shortcomings. There are a lot of them, because the phone is new to the manufacturer, it can be called "raw" for the market, although in general it obviously makes the right steps, promoting its Lumia line in this way. This can be seen at least from the growing demand for these models.

Concerning the shortcomings, we note a few key topics: the body, the camera, the operating system. The assembly of the phone, though bearable in general, can leave an unpleasant impression about itself, for the reason that marriage can get caught. Plus, despite the attractive glossy luster, the phone's body clearly positions the model as a budget one. Manufacturers have not thought out the mechanism for the introduction of SIM-cards without the need for complete disassembly and removal of the battery from the phone.

As for the camera, it, despite the thesis that Nokia make smart phones with excellent optics for shooting, is clearly losing ground, even compared to devices for the same price. You should not expect that you will take cool pictures with this phone. Smartphone Microsoft Lumia 535 reviews "camera phone" is not called, it's a fact.

Another negative side of the phone can be called slowness, bulkiness of the operating system. Perhaps this is a subjective factor that only arises with former Android users, but WP will not suit all users. Yes, it looks beautiful and briskly executes commands, but the mass of settings here is realized through a complex mechanism that is not always intuitively understood by an ordinary buyer.

Main advantages

From the shortcomings of Lumia 535 let's move on to its strong qualities, which, perhaps, will make you personally think about buying this smartphone. Firstly, it's a beautiful design. Despite the cheapness of the assembly, the device looks wonderful (not without the use of tricks with a glossy bright surface, as on the iPhone 5C, of course). Next - the device can be called convenient in terms of control: it easily lies in the hand, the sensor is perfectly controlled in any position. The display transmits an excellent picture - what else do you need for games, reading, watching movies and images?

Another quality that Microsoft Lumia 535 possesses (characteristics, reviews are now not taken into account), is the novelty. Yes, the phone is really new on the market, considering that earlier smartphones were divided into two camps - iOS and Android. Now the phones on WP can be called "a fresh breath of wind". Again, healthy competition will not hurt the producers.

To the obvious pluses of the smartphone can also be attributed and low cost, and the availability of two panels, and support for two SIM-cards.

In fact, in general, Lumia 535 is not so bad. Yes, you may have problems with working on the Windows Phone platform, you may be unhappy with the pictures and backlash of the case cover. But the device looks cool, it can perform the tasks that the ordinary user of the device is facing, and also it is a new direction in the development of the mobile industry. Perhaps, after analyzing all the errors and shortcomings, Microsoft, in some 3-5 years, will be able to create a new iPhone in the mobile device market and become the leader ...

While looking at the new models of Lumia, even such a version of the development of events can be assumed.

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