Haircut on thick hair of medium length (photo)

Girls, whom nature has awarded with luxurious thick hair, it is easier to choose a hairstyle capable of preserving volume and beautiful appearance throughout the day. However, the haircut should solve many problems. After all, girls with this type of hair causes difficulty in their large weight. Haircuts for thick hair should solve such a problem. After all, too much stress on the scalp can even cause migraines and poor health.

Also, a large density requires considerable effort and time to care for the hair. In the morning, many girls often rush. Therefore, styling should take a minimum of time. Today, there are many fashion trends and styles of hairstyles that can be used. This will help you choose the right option for yourself. The average length of the hair makes it possible to create a variety of images that emphasize the individuality of each lady.

Features of a hairstyle

Features of a hairstyle on dense hair of average length consist in giving to them ease (the photo is presented further). In this case, a lot of tricks are used. Thick hair is universal. You can change the image in this case simply by making another parting or bang.

Even with an average length of hair, they differ at high density with a sufficiently large weight. Therefore, relief of the load on the scalp in this case may become a priority.

In this case, the hairstyle will keep the shape for the whole day. Therefore, the owner only needs to ensure proper hair care. Haircuts for dense hair, whether they are curly or straight, do not accept straight lines. Cascades are best in this case. The volume gradually decreases with length. Choosing geometric shapes, you must at least miter the tips. This will make the appearance of the hairstyle easier.

Elements of a hairstyle

Haircuts for dense hair (pictured below) have some essential elements. The most advantageous option will be the removal of layers in dense, heavy hair waves. Here there is a rule. The higher the density, the more layers can have a haircut. The distance between them can also be quite large.

The bangs will give the appearance of novelty. It can extend at the sides. This gives the woman an image. It can be quite thick. This will remove excess volume from the bulk of the hair. The bang can gradually grow into a ladder. This will allow the contour of the face to be rounded with soft, feminine strands.

It is allowed to apply a razor to the tips of the tips. This will give a hairstyle of dynamism and modernity.

Stylists advise not to make the average length of the hairstyle at the neck level. This gives volume. Hair will look too lush. Therefore, for proper haircut, it is better to refer to an experienced stylist. He will be able to apply a variety of techniques to reduce the volume and make the image light.

Cutting cascade type

Considering haircuts for thick hair of medium length, special attention should be paid to cascade varieties. This is one of the most advantageous options. It gives the general image of lightness, femininity and youth.

Especially popular in this season is using graduated cascades. Most often they are performed with bangs. Such a haircut is able to provide a whole ocean of possible variations. Even performing self-packing, you can use different techniques to achieve unlike each other, charming images.

This kind of haircut is equally suitable for both smooth and curly hair. In the first case, ideally straight, stretched iron strands will look stylish and creative. Curls will add the appearance of romance, mystery. You can experiment and find your own special style of hair styling.


Carrying the hair on hard, thick hair, the master necessarily takes into account the shape of the girl's face. Having a fairly large volume of hair, the fair sex should avoid clear geometric lines. Therefore, the classic penalty here is hardly suitable.

Wishing to do just this type of haircut, you should give preference to its graded variety. The quads are made for the average length of the hair. It, as a matter of fact, it is possible to consider as the shortened version of the cascade hairstyle. This option is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Profitably allocates graded square of all haircuts to the average length of hair, its ability to take a variety of forms. Using different principles of styling, it will be easy to create both an evening, extravagant hairstyle, and everyday styling.

Fashionable styling approaches

This season has been spread hair styling medium length in the form of a trapezoid. This is especially beautiful to do on a thick head of hair. Hairstyle easily keeps the shape. Haircuts for dense wavy hair, made in the style of a graduated square, will easily keep in shape.

If the hair is even, fashionable in this season is a slight shaggy, disheveled hair. However, this laying should be in harmony with the general style. It is better if it is performed by a professional stylist. Otherwise, you can get a completely unsatisfactory, sloppy result.

Applying a small amount of modular styling aids, you can highlight some strands. This will give an image of creativity and novelty.

Curly hair

It's pretty hard to manage hair with girls who have curls from nature. They need to spend more time laying, drying hair.

The ideal length of haircut on dense curly hair is medium. It facilitates the weight of the hairstyle, allowing you to structure unruly curls. Most often, women who have such hair prefer cascading haircuts, graded square or beans. These hairstyles are also easy to take care of, which is undoubtedly their advantage.

Good looks in this case also asymmetrical hairstyles. They are very popular this season. This type of hair requires a special approach to the implementation of styling. You will need a nozzle diffuser for the hair dryer, as well as various modeling tools. The result can exceed all expectations.


The bangs are very important for a hairstyle on dense hair. It can remove excess volume. Also, experimenting with the shape and style of the bangs, you can achieve an unusual, fashionable image of the hairstyle.

Depending on the shape of the face, you can choose different options for bangs. It can be quite thick. This will allow the hair to move more freely. Morning styling will take less time.

Fashionable in this season is the contrast of a straight bang with curly hair. If they are twisted by nature, just align the strands ahead with iron. It turns out quite an interesting, romantic image. Very good looks laying bangs on the side. But being straight, it will look harmonious.

Hair care

Girls who are owners of straight hair, take care of their hair is a little easier. It is enough to use a variety of moisturizers that make curls obedient. If you need to perfectly stretch the strands along the entire length, you can use ironing. But do not forget about various protective equipment.

Choosing fashionable haircuts for thick hair, you can give preference to various graded options. In this case, it is necessary to use special modeling tools when laying.

It is much more difficult to take care of curly and very thick hair. The main thing here is to ensure sufficient moisture for locks. Nutritional conditioners that are widely available today are suitable for this. Complete laying can be done with a texturing gel. He accentuates the curly strands of graduated, cascading haircuts.

Having considered fashionable hairstyles on thick hair of average length, it is possible to choose the most suitable variant correctly. Not afraid to experiment, you can find the most interesting image for each girl.

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