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Sauron's Tower in computer games

Any fan of fantasy that watched the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", dreamed of mopping up Mordor and killing the main villain. Now, computer games give you the opportunity to test your strength in this matter and fight the orcs on their territory.

Where was first seen the tower of the lord of evil Sauron

The Lord of the Rings saga was known to the whole world before the film adaptation. In his books, John Tolkien first introduced the audience of readers to the classic kind of fantasy. It was in them that for the first time it was heard and described how the tower of Sauron should look. For a long time people could only imagine it, draw sketches, but everyone did it in their own way. In the twenty-first century, the trilogy of the same name was shot, and then for the first time everyone saw this magnificent structure. Its huge height allowed to rise above all Mordor. At first glance, the boys were either frightened or imagined to be real heroes, even Sauron's tower could not stand before.

Description of the building

Of course, it is impossible to measure the approximate height of this sinister structure. In the film, she could follow the entire territory of the shadow, which means that the height was not less than a thousand meters.

In the lower part of the special extensions allow it to hold on tight and not fall. There is a division into tiers, each of which is guarded by orcs and ukru-hai. At the top is the eternal dark eye of the dark lord.

The tower of Sauron has such a height and shape that from the top the view not only of Mordor, but also of Minas Tirith, the territories of Gondor and Osgiliad.

After losing the ring of Eternity, the dark overlord could not exist in physical form. He needed a place from which to monitor all subordinates and give them orders. The films only partially showed the inner part, so it remained to guess only what was there.

Computer games where the building is mentioned

The Tower of Sauron is primarily present in all the strategies for the "Lord of the Rings" universe. Here it plays the role of the usual basic structure of the orcs, which must be destroyed for the victorious end. This series does not provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the structure and understand what it is.

At the moment there are two games, where there is a tower of Sauron. Her photo is in the article. It's about the games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Minecraft. In the first case, the structure is added to a certain location, and in the second case, it is built by oneself. Both projects deserve the attention of all admirers of the work of John Tolkien and the saga "The Lord of the Rings".

Description of the tower in Skyrim

The last game from the series "Ancient Scrolls" has a large number of modifications. The space of the free big world provides opportunities for creating custom content. There are among his fashion "Skyrim" on the tower of Sauron, and they give the opportunity to look from the inside to the house of the dark master.

It should be noted immediately that the interior is completely executed in the style of other buildings in the game. Here there is a division into tiers, various interesting objects and a large number of enemies. Even on the way to the tower, several well-armed Uruk-Hays will run out to the character. To deal with them alone, you need to have a good outfit and skillful possession of weapons or magic. After the murder, you can take their set of armor in the collection. The tower has a large number of corridors, in which not one treasure is hidden. Skilled soldiers who manage to get to the top, waiting for a big surprise.

Tower in Minecraft

The Tower of Sauron ("Maynkraft") - just one of many magnificent buildings in this game. The possibilities of an endless world, of a huge amount of resources, do not limit the user in any way. Depending on the work of imagination, everything can be done here.

At the moment there are several types of tower construction. Some sophisticated users managed to build a whole Mordor around and now sit on top and watch the dark kingdom.

There are a lot of variations of the building. Circular tiers are found most often. The transitions themselves make it a standard upgrade. Of course, you can not make an eye here that will spin on all sides. Because it simply turns in one direction and so recreate.

Another popular option is a void with the possibility of lifting or without it. This case is suitable for simple visualization. For example, if the emphasis is on the full mapping of the territories of Mordor, it is better to choose another option. It will save time, but it will look similar, like the one mentioned in the first case.

Ways to load a building in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Minecraft

In "Skyrim" Sauron's tower can appear only when a certain modification is installed. In the description of the mod, the locations and coordinates should be indicated, beyond which it can be found in the world. There are many versions of modifications, in some of them a mark appears on the map. After the correct installation in the folder and restart the computer (if required), the user will be able to go to her study.

Sauron's tower in Minecraft is added even easier. At the moment, the network has a special library of files for the game. After they have been added to your PC, the buildings specified in the description appear. You do not have to do anything with your own hands. If this option is not interesting to you, then you should look for a guide on specialized sites, accumulate the necessary amount of resources and start working. The process, depending on the online, can take more than a week.

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