How to remove a mustache from a girl at home

Antennae on the face of the girls give a lot of trouble. It is ugly and causes complexes. But do not worry about this, because you can remove the cosmetic defect at home. Consider how to remove the mustache from the girl and the reasons for their appearance.

Causes of antennae

In brunettes with dark hair, the appearance of vegetation on the face is not uncommon. Only the antenna must be soft and sparse. If the increased hairiness of the face appeared suddenly or the blondes suffer, then a doctor should be consulted. The most common cause of such a defect is a violation of the hormonal background. And this is quite a serious disease, which can affect the work of the whole organism. The second reason is thyroid problems. Also, the tendril can become an adverse and unpleasant effect of taking some drugs. In any case, before you learn how to remove the mustache from a girl, you need to undergo a survey.

Lightening Hair

If the appearance of the antennae is not a violation in the hormonal background, then they can be clarified. To do this, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide will be an effective way . These drugs should be used regularly, by applying to a cotton swab, and then treating the skin under the nose. Be careful - lemon and peroxide can lead to skin irritation and lightening. So do not be surprised that instead of black mustaches, you will get a bright spot.


If you are concerned about a rare antenna, then the best option is to pull them out with a simple tweezers. It is better to perform the procedure immediately after the bath, when the skin becomes soft and supple. More ways to remove the girl's mustache: to carry out wax or sugar hair removal. This method will have to be repeated every two weeks. But gradually the hairs will become soft and will grow much more slowly. You can carry out hair removal with seeds of datura. To do this, the plant must be mixed with water, a thick consistency must be obtained. Let it brew for three weeks. Put the mixture on the antennae and hold for about half an hour. The hairs will fall off themselves and will not appear for a long time.

What you can not do

Getting knowledge of how to remove a mustache from a girl, it is important to remember several prohibitions:

  1. Hair removal with a razor is dangerous to skin damage. In addition, the antennae after such a procedure will grow faster and will be tougher.

  2. An electric epilator is also worth leaving to remove hair on other parts of the body.

  3. Not suitable for face and creams.

  4. Pluck a large number of antennae can not - there may be a rash.

  5. Do not try to "paint over" the hairs with the help of powder or foundation. From this, the antennae will become even more noticeable.

Hair removal in the salon

If you are afraid to self-depilate the antennae, or the procedure does not work, contact the beauty salon. The doctor-cosmetologist accurately, taking into account a kind of your skin, will spend removal of hair. This will help for a long time to forget about the cosmetic effect. And if you regularly visit a specialist, the hairs will become thinner and will gradually disappear completely.

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