Hair dye. For the blond hair of options a lot

Modern lines of hair colors can offer girls and women a huge palette of colors. Despite this, the most popular color in the fairer sex is still fair-haired. Why does this happen?

How to make a light brown hair color?

Probably, this is a tribute to the fashion of the end of the twentieth century, when so popular were perhydral blondes. That is why, to some extent, some women consider blond hair as a variety of blond color. For such hair, however, means with a more gentle composition should be used.

Light-brown hair color can be of different shades, and before buying a paint, you need to decide on the appropriate color palette that suits you. If you need the most light shade, then in this case it will be easier to repaint dark-blond hair, since they already belong to the required color, and lightening them for a couple of tones is much easier. Light-brown shades of hair dye can be useful only if the girl is not a burning brunette, since dark chestnut shades or brown hair color should be clarified in advance with means containing hydrogen peroxide, and then hair dye will come in handy. For light brown hair, you can use natural ways of clarification, such as a decoction of chamomile and lemon juice. In large proportions, these two products can be very effective and even able to light the hair on a couple of tones. In this case, you will not need hair dye.

Medium-blond hair color. How to achieve?

The priority method of changing the color of the hair is, after all, the hair dye. For light-colored hair, such manufacturers of coloring products as Garnier, Loreal and Olia have a palette of 9 shades: from lightest to dark-brown. Intermediate shade is a medium-blond color, which is closest to the natural tone of blonde hair. Due to the fact that naturalness has become fashionable over the last two years, it has become the most popular. For today in rulers of many firms there is such paint for hair - for blond hair of an average tone which does not concede on popularity to is artificial-white color.

From brunette to blonde

Medium-blond color is transitional in reaching the maximum light shade of hair. The thing is that this effect on dark curls gives a lightening hair dye. For light-brown blond hair, you can achieve the desired color with the help of a paint that is darker than your own hair color. Medium-blond is gently golden and gray in color. In the case when the burning brunette lightens the hair for the first time, it can get a light brown shade of medium-brown. To achieve an ashy-gray color, you must first completely discolor the hair, and then apply the paint on the desired shade.

At each clarification or coloring of hair it is necessary to remember that paints usually contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Both these components are indispensable, because without them can not occur a full color change, but they adversely affect the structure of the hair. Thanks to the fact that modern manufacturers of hair coloring agents, along with the above, add protective substances, the paint for single use almost does not damage the hair. But the abuse of it can cause effects in the form of structural changes in the hair follicle, which contributes to a rapid decrease in the volume of the head of hair due to hair loss.

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