Mask of honey for hair returns to them strength and attractiveness

Hair care at home has a huge number of recipes, thanks to which you can significantly improve their condition and appearance. This - washing the broths of medicinal herbs, restorative procedures with the help of eggs, onions, clay, olive oil, lemon, cognac and many other natural products. A universal remedy is a mask of honey for hair.

In order to have beautiful and healthy hair, you must constantly look after them. Care is to supplement their nutrition with special cosmetics. Unfortunately, natural organic cosmetics are very expensive. An excellent alternative can be the use of products of plant growing and beekeeping, which are most rich in minerals and vitamins. For example, a honey mask for hair that is easy to prepare and use at home, in no way inferior to expensive means.

The miraculous properties of honey are used to restore, strengthen, and even to lighten hair. It is rich in micro- and macro elements, it is perfectly absorbed by the body and it has a great effect on the scalp. Therefore, the mask of honey for hair is always effective and enjoys well-deserved popularity. Hair after its application becomes silky, shiny and strong.

In the spring, the body is most weakened and needs support. When primroses begin to blossom, one can use their medicinal properties. For example, young shoots of dandelion contain a large number of vitamins, carotene and nicotinic acid. They are rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, aluminum and iron. Pound a few fresh plants and mix with honey. This wonderful vitamin cocktail will well support weakened hair.

Honey is a great tool that suits absolutely everyone. It is so effective that it can be used in its pure form. If the hair lost a healthy shine and began to fall out, you need a mask of honey for hair with the addition of propolis. It will restore shine and resume their damaged structure. This composition activates growth, and the process of precipitation will stop.

To strengthen and nourish dry hair, honey, aloe juice and garlic will suit. These components are taken in equal proportions and thoroughly mixed. Here you can add a little olive or burdock oil. Ready mix kept on the head for half an hour. Any mask of honey for hair is applied to clean and damp hair. It is washed off with water at room temperature, without the use of shampoo.

Another popular recipe. A small onion rubbed on a grater, mixed with honey and added a drop of any essential oil to reduce the intensity of the pungent smell. This composition is designed for twenty minutes. It should be washed off with water using vinegar. The head is washed twice. Any hair after these procedures looks great.

But the honey mask for lightening the hair is left for the night. Strengthen this effect will help young leaves and buds of birch. They need to be carefully grinded and added to honey. For the best result, warm the head with cellophane and wrap it with a towel. As a result, in the morning your hair will not only be lighter by one tone, but also much healthier.

Lemon juice, mustard, kefir, beer, cognac, milk, oat flakes - all these products in combination with honey perfectly affect any hair. Therefore, a good housewife will always find the necessary components for a quality and effective natural mixture. Even without visiting beauty salons, you can have healthy and beautiful hair. I would like to note that only systematic care and regular wellness procedures will bring a lasting positive result.

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