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Modern design trends of the kitchen are simple and light designs, expensive reliable fittings, neutral tones, or, conversely, bright colors, availability of accessories from stainless steel or glass, laminated surfaces and an original apron.

Particular attention should be paid to the material. The design in the kitchen is mainly determined by the materials, since to buy a kitchen is not only to choose a set.

- A rock. Artificial stone in the interior is at the peak of modern design. Buy a kitchen with a stone countertop - it's stylish. Such kitchens look expensive, they can imitate any stone, and the color gamut is almost limitless. This material is flexible enough, you can create any shape from it. Artificial stone is very strong, it is resistant to high temperatures, water and household chemicals.

- Tree. Like many years ago, the tree does not lose its popularity. Kitchen facades create an impression of peace, comfort and warmth in the house. Modern technology of production does not stand still: the wood is treated with special compounds, due to which this material will not absorb moisture practically, will become resistant to staining (for example, from ketchup, wine, beets) and will not be afraid of high temperatures.

- Plastic takes one of the leading positions. Entering our kitchens, he firmly won the hearts of many mistresses. In the style of high-tech, it is simply irreplaceable. Plastic kitchens create a feeling of lightness and freedom. Bright colors enhance mood, in such kitchens you want to spend as much time as possible. At the same time, this material has all the properties that are necessary for kitchen furniture.

- Metal and glass. This is another direction, which is dictated by the now popular style of high-tech. In modern kitchens, glass and metal can be present not only as accessories. There are kitchens that are almost entirely made of metal. They look unusual and attract glances. Glass can be present both on facades, and on table-tops. A glass table on metal legs is very common in modern kitchens. The glass can be either completely transparent, or matte, or with a pattern, or processed under the antiquity.

Another important question: which manufacturer to choose? On the market, Russian, German and Italian cuisine are at the top of popularity. Consider all the pros and cons of these producers in another article, since there is something to talk about in this matter.

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