The ceiling in the kitchen is made of plasterboard. Can i?

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. Here everyone gathers close to discuss urgent issues during tea, sometimes girlfriends drop in to get discreet. Therefore, in this room you need to combine beauty and comfort with all the nuances of the kitchen. And the ceiling in this plays an important role.

Quite often, going to do repairs in the apartment, we are wondering about what should be the ceiling in the kitchen. If earlier, except for whitewashing or painting other options were not, now you can find more interesting modern solutions. For example, make it from plasterboard - a material of modern and capable To realize different ideas of decoration.

From it you can make ceilings of any complexity, in two or three levels, set it backlighting, using both chandeliers and spotlights, close all the unsightly form of communication. Among other things, drywall will help to straighten the ceiling without much difficulty without resorting to plaster and putty. And laying on top of it a heater, you can significantly improve the thermal insulation and soundproof properties of the ceiling. The ceiling of gypsum cardboard in the kitchen can be pasted with wallpaper, painted, it can be applied stucco or decorative plaster.

The surface of the ceiling is flat and curved, and also undulating, they look very interesting and non-standard. Such a ceiling will help visually break the kitchen into several zones, and its curved, whimsical lines and color solution can turn it into a real masterpiece.

If the ceiling in the kitchen is made of plasterboard design specialists, then you can only tell them in the most detailed manner what you would like to see as a result. But if non-professionals are involved in the matter, then several nuances and advice should be taken into account for drawing up the draft.

1. If the kitchen is small, then the choice of the project must be treated very carefully. For example, do not choose multi-level designs, from this room will seem even smaller. The biggest thing you can choose for a small room is a not too wide cornice around the perimeter of the room.

2. Do not forget that gypsum plaster structures "absorb" part of the height of the room. And, if the kitchen has low ceilings, then it is better not to use this finish.

3. You should know that the plasterboard ceiling in the kitchen is very vulnerable to wetting. And if you are flooded by neighbors from the top, the sheets will require replacement.

Today, there is a huge variety of finishes with this material.

The easiest to install is a flat ceiling. It perfectly fits into the room, decorated in a minimalist style. It should be noted that this is not a boring and primitive option, especially if you use unusual fixtures for decorating.

If the ceiling in the kitchen has a wide cornice directly above the working area, then it looks modern and stylish. The lighting fixtures built in it will perfectly illuminate the working surface and allow you to dispense with a small room without a chandelier.

Does your kitchen have low ceilings? Then you need to choose the "soaring" ceiling. This effect is achieved due to the LED tape, which is installed around the perimeter of the kitchen. This technique helps visually raise the low ceiling in the kitchen.

And the last thing that owners should know is that today there are several types of drywall: moisture resistant, conventional ceiling, fireproof, having double protection against heat and moisture. And since you buy it in the kitchen, where water is always used and heating appliances work, it is better to choose a moisture resistant material or one that has double protection.

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