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Alla Kudryavtseva: biography and matches of the famous tennis player

Famous tennis player from Russia Alla Kudryavtseva was born in Moscow, in 1987, on November 3. By the zodiac sign Scorpio. Her parents are Alexander and Galina Kudryavtsevy. Alla is their eldest daughter. In addition to her family has a son Plato. Alexander Kudryavtsev at one time was one of the best athletes of the USSR, engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. In 1980, on the eve of the Olympics in Moscow, he became the world champion in this sport. After the termination of sports career began to be engaged in trainer's work. Alla's mother is a chemist by profession. For a while she worked at the school as a teacher.

Alla Kudryavtseva: biography, coming to sport

Childhood of the girl was ordinary. Sadik, matinees, communication with peers in the sandbox in front of the house, ball games. However, the parents immediately felt that she was very athletic: runs fast, has a strong reaction and great accuracy. And then Alexander decided to lead his daughter to the tennis section. Alla Kudryavtseva, after a few classes, announced to her parents that she did not want to practice this sport. Since the father respected the desires of his children, he did not insist on his own and left his daughter alone. When Allochka turned 7 years old, and she went to school, she again wanted to do tennis, and she told her father. Soon she was bought a professional racket (nursery) from a solid sports store, and the girl began to regularly attend tennis classes.


Her first mentor and teacher in the sport was Irina Granaturova. It was she who helped to involve the girl in the royal sport. Girl, sparing no effort, all free from school lessons spent on the site. She loved watching the game of famous tennis players, was ill for them. As a teenager, she left her coach and entered the Valerie club, which was led by Lev Salop. Then her coach became Christian Zahalka, and for most training she went to the States, in Miami.

Carier start

In 2004, that is, at the age of 17, Alla Kudryavtseva was able to rise to the level of the Orange Bowl finalist. It was, of course, an excellent result. After that she was able to declare herself as a professional tennis player and began to perform at international tournaments. She had fans who began to follow her success already in the adult field. For 4 years in the list of tennis players around the world, she managed to rise from 847th place in the ranking on the 59th. This happened when she fought in Wimbledon with the famous tennis player Venus Williams (Venus Williams). At the same time Alla went to study at the Moscow GCOLIFK. Of course, she could not devote herself entirely to studying, because she needed to spend a lot of time on the tennis court and train to participate in the next tournament.

Good luck

During her career as a professional tennis player Alla Kudryavtseva, whose photo is posted in this article, she managed to earn about a million dollars in prize money. She managed to win the WTA tournament in singles, and three - in the doubles. During this time, she decided on her favorite blow - forehand. By the way, her favorite cover is hard. In 2007, already at the age of 20, Alla Kudryavtseva, tennis for which became the most important thing in life, first took part in the main grid of the Grand Slam. From this day, she started ups and downs, wins and losses. A year later, she shocked the whole sports world, winning at the Wimbledon tournament itself Maria Sharapova - his famous compatriot.


A year after her take-off she was unable to cope with another compatriot and rival Dinara Safina in the open championship of Austria and lost to her in the first round. In the same year in Wimbledon, her opponent was Elena Dementieva, but this time she showed herself not in the best way. A year later, in the same Austrian Open Championship, she again could not reach the finals, but this time she managed to move a bit and be in the second round.


In 2010, Alla participated in the Australian Open, but did not go beyond the second round. After there was a tournament Aegon Classic in Birmingham, where Kudryavtseva reached the third round, but lost to her compatriot Maria Sharapova. In the same year 2010, Alla first managed to reach the final game of the tournament GuangzhouInternational Women's Open, but she lost the victory to Yarmila Gaidosova. Finally, she smiled at her luck, and for the first time she could become a champion in the open championship in Tashkent. It was her first victory in the WTA tournament. At the moment, Alla Kudryavtseva's rating has dropped again, and it is on the 140th line of the world rating. By the way, she has good results in the pair classification: there she was able to climb to 42nd place.

Alla Kudryavtseva - Naomi Osaka

Fans of the Russian tennis player from the end of the spring of 2016 began to look forward to the tournament, which was to be held in July in the Canadian city of Montreal. Alla's opponent was Japanese Naomi Osaka. The prize fund of the first qualifying round was $ 2,168,000. The age difference between the athletes was neither much, but as much as 10 years: Alla - 28, and Naomi - only 18. Both girls are right-handed. As a result of the meeting, the victory was on the side of the Russian athlete: 3/6, 7/6, 6/4. The game lasted 128 minutes. During this time, Alla Kudryavtseva, who by that time occupied the 165th place in the world ranking, realized 11 innings for the flight and three break-points. As for the Japanese athlete, the 65th racket of the world, she had 11 aces, three points and one double.


Alla Kudryavtseva likes to read tennis besides tennis. Her favorite authors are Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Akunin. Of course, she does not have much time to indulge in her favorite pastime, but during long flights to the States she has time to enjoy books. Alla loves pets very much. She has a parrot and a rottweiler, which has time to walk before training. She is a very peaceful, friendly person, although she strikes in her tournaments with her temperament, with some kind of "sporting anger". They say that it is because of this that she can not concentrate and win.

The most memorable match

According to Alla Kudryavtseva, for her the most memorable match was the Australian Open Championship, where she "fought" against Melanie Odin. At first, she lost - 3: 5, and Auden had five match points. Alla was able to win back them, then wagged 4: 1, which allowed to equalize the score. Then she went on and won 6: 4. However, not a victory, but the process of the game was entertaining. In the heat of passion, he was just crazy. From the stands came screaming, whistling, clapping. At the end of the match Melanie behaved magnificently: she very warmly congratulated the opponent and wished her good luck in future games.

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