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Is it worth to go to Kaliningrad in October: tips

Travelers often come to the forefront of weather. This is understandable, because during the trip a lot of time will have to be spent outdoors, so I would not want to make a bad weather spoil the impression. The question of what kind of weather in Kaliningrad in October and whether or not it is worth traveling to this city at the time is a natural occurrence for all tourists. We will tell you about the peculiarities of recreation in Kaliningrad in October, and we will prove that it is always worthwhile to go here, including in October.

Geographical position

Kaliningrad is a city in which everything is special, beginning with its geographical location. The Kaliningrad region is the westernmost region of Russia, it is separated from the rest of the country by the lands of other states and is connected only by sea. Therefore, the region is semi-exclave. Kaliningrad is located on the banks of the Pregoli River, which flows into the Vistula Gulf of the Baltic Sea. The city is home to about half a million people, and its area is 224 square meters. Km. From Moscow, the city is separated by 1200 km. The relief near the city is flat, it is simply made for walking.

City `s history

Kaliningrad is a city with an amazing destiny. In the 6th-12th centuries on the Pregol river stood the Prussian fortress of Twangste, there were no historical descriptions and documents about this structure, only legends. In 1255, an impregnable fortress that withstood many attacks was seized by the combined army of the Teutonic Order and the King of Bohemia, Otakar II. On the site of the ruins, the Grand Master of the Order decided to build his residence. So in 1255 the first stone of the city of Koenigsberg, in the future of Kaliningrad, was laid.

First a wooden structure was built, and then a brick castle began to be erected. For several decades the Prussian troops did not give up hope of capturing the castle, but their attempts were unsuccessful. Initially, the city was inhabited by Prussian inhabitants, but gradually the German people came to the city more and more, assimilation and formation of a new image of the townspeople took place.

At first the settlement grew within the city walls, but by the 13th century the number of inhabitants increased dramatically, the development of the land and around the castle fortifications began, which became known as the Altstadt (Old Town). In 1333 the construction of the Cathedral began in the new district of the city - on the island of Kneiphof. So historically formed the administrative division of Koenigsberg.

In the middle of the 15th century, the capital of the Teutonic Order moved to the city, which at that time recognized itself as a Polish vassal. The economic and political significance of the settlement has greatly increased. In the middle of the 16th century a university was opened here, which today is the oldest in Russia. During this period the city becomes an important center of Lithuanian culture. In 1758, during the Seven Years' War, for a time the city became part of the Russian Empire. In the 19th century, modernization was underway in the city, a water and sewage network was under construction, an observatory was being built, and a horse was being launched.

At the beginning of the 20th century, an airport opens here, general electrification is taking place. During the Second World War, the city was subjected to the most severe bombing and was destroyed by 60%, the entire historic center became a complete ruin. As a result of the Potsdam Treaty, Koenigsberg moved to the USSR and was renamed Kaliningrad.

After that, the city is very quickly restored, although the historical appearance was largely lost, and the cathedral for many decades stood as a reminder of the war. In post-Soviet times, the difficult life of the city began, it was isolated. At first, there were difficulties with life support, but by the beginning of the 21st century the city was able to adjust its life and adapt to new conditions.

Today the region is not only an important tourist attraction, but also an attractive place to live. Arriving in Kaliningrad in October, you can get acquainted with its history and walk along its streets without crowds and crowds of tourists.

Climate and weather

Geographical position and proximity of the warm current Gulf Stream provides quite comfortable conditions for living in the city. Moderate continental, with features of sea, the climate gives a warm, cool summer and a mild short winter. The average annual temperature index here is kept around the mark plus 8 degrees.

Normal weather in Kaliningrad in October is plus 10 degrees, and 10 days with precipitation during the month. There are small nocturnal frosts, and in some years the air can warm up to 20 degrees in the daytime.

The main sign of the Kaliningrad climate is changeability. You always need to be ready for the sun and rain. Most often, the weather forecast for October (Kaliningrad) indicates that precipitation is possible and partly cloudy weather is expected. And usually these forecasts come true.

Features of holiday in October

The charm of coming to Kaliningrad in October is primarily due to the fact that by this time the main tourist flows leave and the city returns to its habitual, measured rhythm of life. At this time, there are open seasons in theaters and concert halls, active club life begins, and many different events are held. Therefore, you will not be bored in Kaliningrad. Soft weather allows you to walk for a long time, visiting the sights. Therefore, those who think, and whether to go to Kaliningrad in October, the answer is unequivocal - it's worth it!


Sightseeing is the main point of the program for those who will come to Kaliningrad in October. Reviews of tourists offer a great excursion program to explore the city and its suburbs. The first thing you need to see is the island of Kant with the Cathedral, the paths along which the great philosopher walked, and his grave. The island is a great place for walking, it is very quiet and atmospheric. You also need to see the former Rosenau church, the organ hall - the former Holy Family church, the puppet theater - the former Queen Louise Memorial Cathedral, the building for the high bridge mechanism, the Royal Gate.

What to see: tips for tourists

Travelers who came to Kaliningrad in October should not, in the opinion of experienced tourists, miss the monuments of the Second World War - the Curonian Spit, submarine B-431. Also advise to go to Svetlogorsk, to admire the Baltic Sea and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of an empty spa town. Also it is necessary to find an amusing construction - "Inverted House" - and to find all the gates of the former city fortifications.

Things To Do: Travel Tips

Kaliningrad, rest in October in which it has its own charm, is connected with water, with fishermen. In any weather you can reach the complex "Fisherman's Village", it is a modern, stylized building with hotels, sports grounds, spa, restaurants. It's nice to walk or sit in a cafe, admiring the always beautiful Kaliningrad sky and water. In the city there is a wonderful Amber Museum, where you can spend several hours and even buy souvenirs. Nature lovers will be very interested in visiting the Maritime Museum or the zoo. Evening can be done beautifully at an organ concert in the Cathedral. Fans of unusual sensations are advised to wander around the numerous dungeons of Kaliningrad, as a guide it is better to take an experienced guide.

Practical information

When going to Kaliningrad, you should take care of the hotel in advance. Although in October in free rooms there will be no shortage, but when booking you can ask the owners of the hotel to get a discount, since the high season has already ended. The historical center of the city is small, but for quick movement around the city, tourists are advised to use public transport, there is a well-developed bus service. There are many cafes and restaurants in the city, so there are no problems with food. For those who want to save, a student dining room is always open at the oldest university.

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