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Visiting one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Germany, it's easy to get lost in the huge selection of interesting places that you want to see, especially if you go for a short while, and want to see as much as possible. It is possible to enumerate the sights of Munich indefinitely, and it is difficult to say which ones the reader will like most. Therefore, in this article, we draw your attention to only some interesting objects and give some recommendations regarding the study of this beautiful city.

Preparing to visit Munich is better in advance. Best of all, if you get a map of Munich with sights, with which you can make an optimal route for exploring the city. The presence of the map will help you quickly navigate in unfamiliar terrain and not be uncomfortable when trying to find out the path from local residents. In addition, after seeing all the sights of Munich on the map, you will be able to determine in advance what it is interesting for you to see, what you can miss, and also plan which objects can be walked on foot, and where it will be necessary to use public transport. In general, the better you plan a visit to the capital of Bavaria at home, the more comfortable you will feel on the ground.

Each tourist chooses those sights of Munich that are interesting to him personally, but if you visit this city for the first time, then there are some places that are classified as must see.

The first place in the list of such places, of course, belongs to the Marienplatz square - the most famous tourist place of the city. From here you can get to both shopping areas and narrow streets, where cozy restaurants and pubs are located. In addition, on the Marienplatz itself is a new town hall with its famous spire about eighty-five meters high. The decoration of the town hall is the statue of the monk Kindl, who is considered to be the patron of this city.

The second most important sight of the Bavarian capital is the museum of the world famous automobile manufacturer - the company Bayer Motoren Werke, better known to us under the abbreviation BMW. Unfortunately, many tourists do not even know about the existence and possibility of visiting this sights of Munich, and after learning about the museum after the end of the trip, bitterly regret the lost opportunity to come into contact with the history of one of the world's most famous companies.

The third place in the list of the most popular and interesting tourist places in Munich is the German Museum. This truly huge institution can not be avoided in one day, so you have to choose two or three most interesting sections, and the rest to donate. And there is something to choose from - here and the historical section, and the section of architectural miniatures, and scientific and technical, and transport, and the planetarium ... The choice is really incredibly great. We are sure that every visitor to the German museum will find a section to his liking.

To list and describe the sights of Munich can, in general, endlessly. However, the three above-mentioned tourist sites are definitely worth a visit, since the general impression of the city can be drawn up for them. And, of course, do not forget to visit the famous Munich pubs, where you will try the real Bavarian beer! As they say, Munich without beer - money on the wind.

We wish our readers a successful trip and great pleasure from visiting the sights of the city of Munich! Sincerely we hope that this city will make an excellent impression on you, and you will definitely want to visit the capital of Bavarian land more than once!

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