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Alexander Naumenko's life path: biography, creative path and interesting facts

Naumenko Alexander Anatolyevich passed a great life school. From the boy from the village of Vorozhba in the Sumy region, who sang along with himself playing the accordion, he turned into a world-size star, which is subject to the entire bass repertoire.

The pages of Alexander Naumenko's life

In a small town Vorozhba, which stands on the steep banks of the river Viry, in 1956 was born in the family of the teacher of the music school, the boy Sasha. From childhood in the house music sounded when the father picked up a button accordion and was sung by his mother - a Cossack woman who had a good voice and hearing.

The Kid sang with pleasure to the parents. And when he grew up, his parents took Alexander Naumenko to the first class of a music school, and the child, following his father's example, chose a button accordion. Probably, it was amusing to look at the little boy with a big instrument in his hands, because of which he was barely visible in the first year. His stepbrother mother Nikolai Dobrynin, of whom we will talk later, also went to music school, only a musician from him turned out, although he was seriously engaged in playing the piano. In the meantime, we will continue the story about Alexander Naumenko.

Between Taganrog and Rostov

When the school was over, the young man was admitted to the music school for the conductor-choir department. Then he went to the Rostov Conservatory, where he began to practice vocal. Alexandra Naumenko led the fate.

The young man traveled daily from Taganrog to Rostov or by bus, or by train. The road took one way two hours. He had to get up early, and when he returned, the young man almost immediately went to the variety orchestra for work. The repertoire of Alexander Naumenko at that time consisted of the songs of Muslim Magomayev. On the opera the beginning singer had rather vague ideas, but felt that he needed to develop.

And then he learned that from the capital came the teacher Hugo Ionatanovich Tits, who organizes auditions and searches in the province for talents. Having shown his perseverance, Naumenko appeared before the teacher to find out what he was like. The recommendation inspired: he received advice to enter the Moscow Conservatory. Without thinking, Alexander went to Moscow. He hoped, and worried, but the competition was so huge that it was not accepted. Full of disappointment, he returned to Taganrog and decided to give up empty dreams.

At the factory

Alexandra Naumenko threw life at the tannery. He became a fatty. The plant produced various types of leather intended for making shoes. Alexander walked between the huge barrels of fat and opened and closed the taps in them, filling the vats with skin with fats, in which it softened. At the plant there was a reconstruction, the territory was landscaped, and the pain of regrets and sorrows gradually fell into the background.

Quite unexpectedly, Alexander Naumenko, who had lost all illusions, received a letter from the capital. He was summoned to study at the conservatory. The signature was painfully familiar: GI Tits.

In the Conservatory

In the class of Hugo Ionatanovich Naumenko, Alexander studied seriously. He practiced the correct breathing, the ability to support sound on the diaphragm, or, in other words, comprehend all the subtleties of the profession. At the age of 29 he graduated from the conservatory and entered postgraduate school. His teacher was a professor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Nina Lvovna Dorliak, who at that time was already 77 years old. This intelligent lady, whose mother in her youth was a maid of honor at the court, and later an opera singer and teacher, instilled in her students not only knowledge, but also exquisite manners, the ability to stay in public, the ability to listen to the best professionals.

These two teachers have completely shaped the worldview of the singer, and he believes that it is he who is indebted to them. In parallel with studying in the graduate school there was an internship on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. During his studies, the singer in 1984 took part in the All-Union contest of singers. He deservedly received the prize "For Artistry". The following year in the Hertogenbosne brought him the 1st prize and the prize "For the best performance of chamber music". So gradually opened the way to the theaters of the world.

Work and study

When in 1988 the training was completed, Naumenko Alexander began to work in the Moscow Philharmonic. But he began to take lessons from the famous German singer Hans Hotter, who was considered one of the best performers of Wagner, and then in Austria - from the teacher Norman Shetler.

The professional level of Alexander Anatolevich constantly increased. Working since 1991 in the Bolshoi Theater, Alexander Naumenko did not leave concert activity. His work with the chamber repertoire caused some criticism. However, E. Svetlanov believed in him and gave him the role of Ivan the Terrible in the opera "The Pskovite". So there was an opera singer Alexander Naumenko.

On the Bolshoi stage

AA Naumenko sang all the main bass lines from the repertoire of the theater: Tsar Dodon in The Golden Cockerel, Prince Vyazemsky in Oprichnik Tchaikovsky, Leporello in the Stone Guest, Gremin in Eugene Onegin, Moroz in The Snow Maiden, Salieri in Mozart and Salieri, Banco in Macbeth. One day he had to learn a lot in German in twenty days to take part in the play "Flying Dutchman" (R. Wagner). The singer performed the part of Dalanda with brilliance.

With great responsibility, the singer regards the recordings of the discs, achieving the ideal sound.

A family

Biography Naumenko Alexander is not only from work on the stage and in pedagogy, but also from a happy family life. The silver wedding has already passed, and Alexander Anatolyevich and his wife Olga have been living for thirty years. Her work is connected with music. She is a researcher at the State Collection of Unique Musical Instruments. They grew up a daughter and a son. They also became musicians. The son of Taras is a horn player. Daughter of Alexander - the accompanist, who, when given time, accompanies the speeches of his father.

Brother Nikolai Dobrynin is a successful and popular actor. It was the elder brother Alexander who noticed the talent of the younger and insisted that he enter GITIS. After school, Nikolai joined the army, and later became an actor of the Satyricon. Did not pass by him a great movie and television. In television films, he received recognition for the comedic role of Mitya from the Matchmakers. In general, he starred in more than a hundred films.

AA Naumenko, having a thorough professional experience, performed on the stages of "Covent Garden", "La Scala", "Grand Opera", as well as in Japan, Spain, Greece. All his extensive knowledge allows him to work with young people, giving her his rich experience in the academy. The Gnessins.

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