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What happens to a person when he meditates for the first time in his life?

A large number of studies have been conducted that describe what happens to the human brain, which meditates for a long period of time. But what happens to the brain of the person who meditates for the first time? Researchers have already managed to prove that the amount of "gray matter" is growing in the process of meditation. Other studies have shown that constant meditation increases the level of intelligence and reduces the likelihood of depression. However, most people think that they will have to meditate for many years before they can see at least some positive effect. But modern research shows that only eight weeks of meditation already allow you to see improvements in your brain.

Less focus on yourself

The first time you just try to meditate, you can already feel less self-centered, because the ventromedial prefrontal cortex that allows the person to reflect on his anxiety, as well as the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex that allows you to sympathize with others And feel more connected with those people that you usually think are not like you and are not suitable for you.

Fear recedes

Meditation directly affects your amygdala, as well as your nervous system, thereby minimizing the feeling of fear. Do you know this unpleasant feeling of realizing that something bad will happen? Meditation allows you to feel fear only in the most extreme cases necessary for your safety - for example, if you are going to put your palm on a hot plate. In other cases, meditation will allow you to relax, not to be afraid and not to worry about trifles.

Peace of mind

The very first time you start meditating, your mind calms down as you have not felt for a long time. This does not mean that you will instantly experience the deepest inner peace, as soon as you sit down and close the hole. However, this means that you are already creating new neurological pathways that open up opportunities for positive changes. And every time you again sit down and close your eyes, you will improve them, which will lead to greater peace of mind.

Less Depression

Already in the process of your first meditation you will feel much less depressed. According to recent studies, it has become known that meditation is just as effective in combating depression and other depressed human states, as well as special drugs designed to suppress such conditions - antidepressants. But it should be noted that meditation is absolutely harmless, while antidepressants cost money, have side effects, and most importantly - cause addiction.

Further Meditation

So, now you have an idea of what your first session of meditation will be like. However, do not think that this is all over - if you continue to meditate further, you can get even more positive effects that will make your life much more saturated and happy. For example, after the first four sessions, many people begin to note that they feel much less physical pain than before. As you can see, mental meditation can affect not only your mind, but also through the mind - on your body. Thus, you can even improve your health. Moreover, you will notice how your concentration on yourself gradually disappears. So you remember, the very first effect of the first session was less focus on yourself. The longer you meditate, the less you will selfishly focus on your own "I", which will allow you to open new horizons. From this follows another effect - empathy. You will begin to have a much deeper sympathy for other people and worry about them, which will make you a much better person than you were before - is not this a real benefit? Accordingly, meditation does not bring anything bad into your life, it does not take you much time, does not force you to buy special adaptations or to learn any songs. You simply voluntarily by effort of will can make your life better if you want it.

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