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"The Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate": the passage of the French and Dutch campaigns

Everyone who has gone through at least once the game "Corsairs", certainly would like to repeat the process again. The fact is that this game offers a unique opportunity for some time to turn away from earthly problems and become a real pirate. You will have the opportunity to buy your first ship, build a team, gain credibility, conquer the seas. Naturally, there is also a storyline (campaign), however you can enjoy unlimited time playing in free mode. But sooner or later the game will end, there will not be a single corner of the planet that you would not visit on your pirate schooner. Then we will have to return to reality and abandon our "pirate past". Naturally, you do not want to allow such a thing, and once again you will be helped by the addition of "The Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate", the passage of which will return you to the familiar world of adventure.

Description of the game

Let's see what surprises have prepared for us the continuation of the favorite game. What is interesting in the supplement "Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate"? Passage here is divided into two campaigns, which consist of eight and ten plot tasks. In one of them you will become a Dutch trader, who in the storm will lose absolutely everything. Miraculously he will be saved, after which he will begin his wanderings on the seas. In the other, you will immediately have to become a French pirate, who at the age of fourteen killed an army officer in a duel and was forced to sail to avoid imprisonment.

These two campaigns will again allow you to become a pirate, plow the expanse of the oceans and seize ships, destroy enemies and pursue your cherished goal. In the game "The Corsairs: The History of the Pirate" the passage is focused on the main plot, so there will be less freedom of action, but the narration will capture you so that you yourself do not want to be distracted by something else.

The passage of the Dutch campaign. Part 1

If you chose the Dutch campaign in the game "The Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate", the passage will begin from the moment your hero Peter Hain survives the wreck of his ship and finds himself on the shore of the island on which the village is located. The old fisherman will shelter him and give shelter, but then the unexpected will happen - the British troops will attack the village, who will take you prisoner. You will have to agree to spy on your own country. But quite quickly you will be able to get rid of this burden. You will need to help one old sailor who will give you his ship in gratitude, since he himself has long been going to retire. This is where your adventures begin.

First you will need to contact the banker and open a branch, after which you have to commit a real scam. In a community with two other pirates, you need to capture a ship carrying the fund of the bank. Having done this, you can deal with the rest of the pirates and take possession of absolutely everything. As you can see, the passage of the game "The Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate" puts you before an interesting choice, and this will happen more than once.

The passage of the Dutch campaign. Part 2

If you chose the Dutch campaign, the passage of the game "Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate" after the quest with the bank will not turn into another direction. The next task is to find a bank in which coins will be cast on order, and then for another bank to accompany the caravan, which will constantly try to attack other pirates. The last two tasks will be the most exciting. In the first, you will need to get one of the important members of the pirate Coastal Brotherhood out of jail to convince them not to attack the Dutch ships. And in the second one you have to swim in search of a rare gift for the daughter of the head of the bank. In the game "Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate" the passage of quests will be very exciting and interesting due to their diversity and unusualness.

Passage of the French campaign. Part 1

Michel de Gramont is the protagonist of the second campaign, a French young fellow who is in exile for the murder of an officer. Naturally, he chooses a pirate life for himself. So you start in the game "The Corsairs: The Story of the Pirate" passage. France is just one of your opponents on the road. In general, you will have to fight other pirates, proving your worth and gaining a reputation. This campaign is much more active and fighting than the Dutch, because here your goal is to become one of the best pirates in the whole world, having traveled from a simple member of the crew of one of the pirate ships. True, the path will not be too long - only ten tasks. And already in the first of them you will be given the first ship for combat services, on which you will begin to "pirate".

Passage of the French campaign. Part 2

For nine out of ten tasks, you will need to fight other corsairs, as well as those who do not like corsairs in principle. Gradually you will become more and more famous among pirates, acquire more impressive ships and a more reliable team, until in the last mission it turns out that you were demoted. You'll have to go to the King of France, where you will be pardoned and even give your own colony in which you can live and thrive.

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