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Overview of the vacuum cleaner Bosch BSG 62185

Bosch has long been a leader in sales of household appliances not only in Russia, but all over the world. The range of vacuum cleaners is truly huge. It includes devices of different sizes, technical content and external design. However, they are united by one important criterion - the German quality of assembly. It is famous all over the world. Many people agree to significantly overpay for such household appliances.

Describe Bosch vacuum cleaners in a few words - reliability, functionality, long life and power. All of them are irreplaceable helpers when cleaning. In order to get a closer look at the German devices, let's look at the Bosch BSG 62185 vacuum cleaner.

Short description

The beautiful modern design of the model BSG 62185 looks quite impressive. The form of the case is original. It greatly expands to the back. The manufacturer combined a glossy and matte finish. There is a carrying handle in front. The hose compartment, the power regulator and the power button are located on the top panel. Here are the ventilation holes. Vacuum cleaner Bosch BSG 62185 (price about 5000 rubles) is equipped with a parking pipe with a brush and a compartment for storage of additional attachments. The wheels are hidden. A total of three of them are installed. The device is small, its weight is only 4.7 kg (excluding nozzles). It measures: 40 x 29 x 25 cm.


Bosch BSG 62185 is a classic vacuum cleaner designed for dry cleaning. The engine works with a power of 2100 watts. Air filtration is due to the cyclone system and the HEPA device H12. Dust and debris are absorbed with a power of 380 watts. It is adjusted by means of the button installed on the case. In the vacuum cleaner there is a dust bag (MEGAfilt SuperTEX) of 4 liters, and a container of 1.2 liters. The cleaning radius is 10 m. The cable length is 7 m.

Basic moments

In this model, there are elements that separate the vacuum cleaner from the total mass. Let's look at them.

  • Dust collector MEGAfilt SuperTEX BBZ (type G). During its manufacture, a synthetic material was used. In testing, he showed the following results: absorption of fine dust with an efficiency of 99%, suction power increased by 30% compared to previous specimens.
  • Universal brush Autofloor 270 mm. The nozzle is equipped with a roller mechanism, which greatly facilitates its movement over the surface. And the use of special technology allows you to vacuum under the edge of the carpet, without bending over.
  • Cleaning the air with a vacuum cleaner Bosch BSG 62185. Filters installed in this model, you can save the room from unpleasant odors, for example, tobacco smoke. The Air Clean HEPA system is quite efficient. Such filters purify air almost 100%.
  • Compartment for storing attachments. Now you can get the brush for furniture without opening the cover of the vacuum cleaner.

Additional Features

Model Bosch BSG 62185 has a set of baits. With their help, you can clean up soft furniture, places in corners and hard-to-access slots. In order for a person to be comfortable to vacuum, the device is equipped with a telescopic tube. It is exposed on several levels for any growth. Two types of parking: horizontal and vertical. Maneuverability is carried out with the help of wheels that rotate 360 °. There are protection systems and additional options - the indicator of filling the dust bag, inertial automatic winding of the network cable.

Care Tips

If properly serviced vacuum cleaner Bosch BSG 62185 it will work without breakages for about 10 years. What is recommended after each cleaning?

  • Clean the dust bag. If it is paper, then you just need to replace it with a new one. In case of using reusable bags, it is necessary to shake it well. Also check the cleanliness of the flexible hose and suction tube. It is important to remember that the cover on the body closes only with the bag inserted.
  • Clean the engine filter. It is taken out by moving on the arrow. If it is not heavily soiled, then simply shake it out and set it back. If the filter can no longer be cleaned, then it will be necessary to replace it with a new one.
  • Check the HEPA filter. As you know, problems (unpleasant odor, reproduction of bacteria) with it appear after a while. Especially quickly such troubles are observed if the Bosch BSG 62185 vacuum cleaner is used every day. In order to avoid this, it will be necessary to clean it after every cleaning and very well to dry it. However, it is recommended to change the HEPA filter once a year to a new one.
  • After use inside the enclosure, all dust must be wiped off. For plastic parts, detergents can be used. If the suction power has significantly decreased and the dust collector cleaning does not help to solve the problem, it is worth checking the engine block. In most cases, the cause is the dust that has penetrated there.

Vacuum cleaner Bosch BSG 62185: reviews

Thanks to customers, you can make a list of advantages and disadvantages. Many of them stand out for an ideal price-quality ratio. German assembly for only 5000 rubles (average cost) is an excellent option. Also an indisputable advantage are compact dimensions, power level and maneuverability. For attachments there is a special compartment. All buyers are happy that there is no need to look for them in some "hidden" places. HEPA filters cause an ambiguous view. One likes them, while others categorically oppose such equipment. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that the HEPA filters in the new state perfectly cope with the task.

Now we need to talk about the shortcomings. What did the customers notice? First of all, it's quite a loud noise. The power reduction occurs about six months later. Auto-winding the cord works fine first, but then you need to systematically tighten the spring. In Russia it is difficult to purchase new filters for the Bosch model BSG 62185.

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