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Ed Westwick (Ed Westwick): filmography, biography and personal life (photo)

Edward Westwick, actor and musician, soloist with the popular band The Filthy Youth, was born on June 27, 1987 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Ed's father is a businessman, his mother is a psychologist. When the time came, parents sent their son to a private school-boarding house, and after a while the boy moved to Barklay School, an educational institution with in-depth study of humanitarian disciplines, among which was theatrical art. Then Edward entered the prestigious college of North Hertfordshire College. Between sessions, the young Westwick managed to star in Anthony Mingell's "Invasion", which was released in 2006. The role was small, but Ed felt like a real actor. The best films with Ed Westwick were yet to come.

First roles

In 2007, Westwick starred in two films at once: "The Son of Rambo" directed by Garth Jennings - about the boys who decided to shoot the film, and "The Prodigal California" directed by David von Enken - about how a famous writer lost the creative crisis All the most valuable and dropped to drunkenness. In both films, Ed Westwick, whose filmography needed replenishment, played secondary roles, but any role for a novice actor has its value.


In the same year, the television project "Gossip Girl" was launched - a teen series about life, about love, about quarrels and reconciliation, about light drugs and endless disputes about the meaning of life and the everyday problems that accompany it. About everything. The series consists of six seasons, 120 episodes. The creator of the series, Josh Schwartz, known as the author of the series O. S. (Lonely Hearts). Ed Westwick played Chuck, Charles Bass, son of billionaire Bart Bass. Chuck throughout the series is in a close relationship with Blair Waldorf, who deliberately surrounds herself with her close friends in order to constantly feel her superiority.

For his participation in the series "Gossip Girl" Ed Westwick received three awards: he was twice awarded "Teen Choice Awards" (in 2008 and 2009) and once "Young Hollywood Awards" - in 2009.

Variety of roles

In 2008, immediately after the first season of the series "Gossip Girl", Ed Westwick, the filmography Who at that time looked still modestly, played a small part in the psychological drama "100 Feet" about the fate of the unfortunate woman Marnie Watson, who killed her tyrant husband, unable to tolerate his bullying. The court sentenced her to several years of house arrest, and it was better than sitting the same sentence in prison. However, very soon Marnie realized that behind the house arrest there was a real danger. In order for the sentence to be carried out rigorously, Shanks was assigned to her - a policeman, a close friend of her husband, who could not forgive Marnie the murder of his friend. A woman loses her sleep, she is constantly in suspense and in addition begins to feel the presence of the ghost of her former spouse, who is hungry for revenge.

In the genre of fiction

The film, under the incomprehensible name "S. Darko" directed by Chris Fisher, is filmed under the script of Nathan Atkins at the 20th Century Fox film studio in 2009. Ed Westwick played Randy Holt. Numerous explosions accompanying the journey of Samantha Darko and her friend Cory Richardson, foreshadow a fast end of the world. And indeed, soon a huge meteorite hits the city, carrying destruction and death.

The first major role

In 2011, Ed Westwick starred in the comedy "How to marry a billionaire" directed by Fili Trail, where he played Johnny, the son of a billionaire. Kim Mathews, the champion of skateboarding, gets to the Alpine ski resort in search of work. She will have to master a snowboard, but she doubts that it will work out - one thing is a board on rollers, another is the same board, but in the snow. Kim gets acquainted with Johnny, between them a kind of friendship is fastened. However, Johnny is engaged to another girl, but Kim does not know this. Her new friend pays for the lessons that Kim takes, and in the evening they remain alone and approach each other. This is learned by Johnny's mother and warns Kim that Johnny is not free and will soon be married. Kim collects things and wants to leave. Johnny soon parted with his bride Chloe and makes a proposal to Kim.

Officer Smith

Movies with Ed Westwick are diverse in genre and content, the actor easily reincarnates. In the same 2011 filmmaker and producer Clint Eastwood produced the film "J. Edgar" about the permanent director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover. The main role was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The painting was not awarded with prizes, but received several prestigious nominations. Ed Westwick, whose photo had already appeared in glossy magazines, brilliantly played one of the officers of the FBI, Agent Smith.

Shakespeare's Classics

The film "Romeo and Juliet" based on the same tragedy by William Shakespeare was shot in 2013 by director Carlo Carly under the script of Julian Fellowes. Romeo was played by Douglas Booth, Juliet's role was played by Hayley Steinfield. Ed Westwick played Juliet's brother, Tybalt. The production of the new film version was successful largely thanks to the participation of the famous production director David Tettersall, who shot George Lucas's Star Wars and the Green Mile with Tom Hanks.

Ed Westwick, whose filmography today contains about 30 paintings, is preparing for new roles. The actor's role allows him to play in a fairly wide range, and he uses it.

Personal life

Ed Westwick, whose personal life is under the constant attention of newsmen, is surprised at such popularity. Among journalists there is an opinion that Westwick is an interesting object for hot reports, although so far he has not given the slightest reason for the sensation. On the set of the series "Gossip Girl" Ed met Jessica Zor, and for a while they met. Then the relationship became closer, young people almost never parted. This continued until the spring of 2010, and in May the alliance of Jessica and Ed broke up. "Too much headache from these girls ...", said the actor when asked about the reasons for the rupture. However, it took only three months, and they met again ... on the set of the fourth season of the series "Gossip Girl".

Fortunately, the personal relationships of the actors never go into the professional plane, all emotions, feelings and passions remain outside the set. This is a kind of code actor, and even more so - a movie star with a name. It is characteristic that close relations are tied, as a rule, on the set, but the rupture of these relations is always outside the pavilion. And it's not fear of getting into the frame, it's rather the ethics of film production, its specificity.

Ed's personal life consists not only of meeting with actresses. He is fanatically in love with pop music and is a soloist of his own band in the quartet format of solo guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar and percussion. Nevertheless, cinematography is the main thing in the life of Westwick, and he can not always be in England with his musicians, most of the time he has to spend in Hollywood or in New York. Therefore, the actor is thinking about how to create another one group in Los Angeles. Ed Westwick is one of the few musicians in the history of English rock, who does not seek to put his musical achievements on a commercial basis. For all time of existence of the group not a single album has been released. Musicians do not even think about financial issues, they do not have a director. The issue of touring is also not considered, although the level of preparation of all participants is quite high, and the repertoire is super-modern.

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