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Wallpaper in the living room - familiar and unusual

Who among us was not at a loss in front of a huge number of rolls of wallpaper, not daring to make a choice? To prevent this from happening, before going to the store you need to think about the future interior of the home and determine what functional load the wallpaper will carry.

The living room is the front room in the house, the place where the family spends all of their free time, where they receive guests and arrange celebrations. The style of its design should demonstrate first and foremost good taste, and the room at the same time look luxurious, but at the same time elegant.

Wallpaper in the living room - an important element of the design of the room, so their choice requires a creative approach. Correctly selected materials will create an aesthetically attractive and truly cozy atmosphere in your favorite family space. Modern wallpaper with its assortment does not limit the imagination of the interior designer.

Recently, more and more popular are exotic wallpaper from natural materials - bamboo, rice paper, straw, seaweed. Such wall coverings are made in China and Japan by hand, and this work is a real traditional art. Especially beautiful look so original wallpaper on the wall next to the aquarium. Of course, the interior with a similar finish of the walls gives the impression of unusualness, even exclusivity.

Another type of modern decoration material - wallpaper in the living room, made of foil. They perfectly harmonize with the classical, and with any ultramodern style. This unique material, in addition to its exquisite appearance, has very useful additional properties: the ability to maintain the heat balance in the room, protect against harmful man-made radiation and enhance the soundproofing of the room. The foil wallpaper is an extraordinary choice, both for the refined and extravagant interior.

To create an elegant interior of the living room, wallpaper from fabric: silk, linen, velvet. A variety of drawings, textures, color solutions makes it possible to design interiors in a luxurious style. Such wallpaper in the living room works well, if there is a desire to decorate the room "under the old days", but unlike the real antique tapestries on the walls of the palaces, they have a completely modern protection against the absorption of moisture and odors, burnout and pollution. Thanks to a special teflon coating, fabric wallpaper does not require a lot of time for care, it is enough to vacuum them occasionally.

Favorite among all modern types of wallpaper are still non-woven and vinyl wallpaper. To explain the reasons why this coating for walls is so popular, it is simple: the fleece has a slightly silky texture, pleasant to the touch, high strength, the ability to mask light flaws on the wall. This is not too expensive, beautiful and practical wallpaper in the living room. And the choice, what to say, is really limitless, especially if we consider the possibility of their painting in the future. Quite often, non-woven fabric is used as a basis for making vinyl wallpapers. Both those and other coatings are produced with different decorative effects: embossing, foaming, silkscreen printing, etc. A big plus in favor of their choice is the exceptional ease of gluing. Glue lubricates only the wall, which then buttly pasted dry wallpaper stripes. They are easily cut, do not crumple, give an almost perfect surface. No wonder that, despite a lot of "cool" new products, they do not lose their popularity.
Now, when the acquaintance with some of the novelties of the wallpaper world took place, go to the store and choose wallpaper at a price, in appearance, in quality, and most importantly, to your liking.

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